On My Mind This Week 2.1.23

It’s a new month, and we’re getting closer and closer to some big changes. I feel like I’m embracing the messiness and uncertainty a little differently these days. Don’t get me wrong – I have my moments. Sickness, (many) parts of the house feeling upside down and unfinished, and slowing down with work. There’s also baby showing up in April. I’ve had to slow down and work less and that will be the case this summer. But also, I get to slow down and work less, and need to work at embracing that. I can take an afternoon nap with Kate when needed (and they are needed), or go on Starbucks and grocery store dates with her while Margot is in school. Maybe this is the time I’ll have a baby and be whatever my version of “chill” is? I’ve just embraced where I’m at in a way I haven’t before, and it feels good. It’s often messy. And I’m definitely in nesting mode but really, I’m just being me. So today, I want to talk about life, work, the kids, the house, baby, and what we’ve been up to. Here’s what’s on my mind this week 2.1.23.


On My Mind This Week 2.1.23


I am finishing up at the OB and thinking about how different life is about to be. It doesn’t feel quite real that we get to have another baby. And it won’t be easy, but I know what a gift it is. I’m going into this with a completely different outlook. And I know we can’t fully plan anything (believe me, I know). Which, how could I not after everything? But I am making some plans to make the postpartum experience different this time. I shared what I’ll be doing, and a big change for our family that you can read about here. 



Winter colds and sickness. And a scare.

We’re really not very busy, but there have been some bumps lately. It’s hardly “the worst” but cold and flu season really got us.  The hardest moment for me was Margot coming close to an ER trip. Major trigger. When your oncology nurse calls at 6PM on a Friday there’s no way not to feel some anxiety. But – I am actually so proud of how I handled it. I’ve come a long way – we all have! Everyone’s ok and we were able to stay home, which I am grateful for. Both girls ended up getting sick a few times, I’m on what I hope is the tail end of a cold, and Conor was sick all weekend. So there has very naturally been a lot less work time, and that’s that. I also really appreciate a cozy, lazy, snuggly snow day. It’s just that I have all these ideas and things I want to do, but the hours and energy are simply not there. I’m embracing it. 



The girls heart pajamas are almost sold out, but their new collection launched today and is DARLING. 


What we’ve been up to

Since we’ve been taking turns getting sick like everyone else, we’ve been spending a lot of time at home. Which, it’s winter, so where else would we be anyway? Lots of movies, TV shows, drawing, and games. Margot has loved breaking this out again and it’s kept both girls busy. I made a blanket fort the other day and they hung out in there with their audio player and some toys for well over an hour. We’re living the dream here. So lots of crafts, the rediscovering of these beads, homemade Valentines, baking cinnamon rolls, and I organized a toy shelf. Really exciting stuff happening over here. 


No shopping in January

I definitely saved some money, and learned something about those small, last-minute purchases that really seem to add up. There was one “oh I need that” outfit, and Margot has been wearing her under $30 Zara outfit every time it’s clean. Clothes are a need for kids, and my girls are short on leggings, so that felt reasonable. I also actually had to buy socks, which is so random. But all of my no-show socks were actually so stretched out that they’d end up under my feet and they were driving me crazy, and my trouser socks are too high for most of my boots. So I got these. Other than that, I bought things as we ran out, like vitamins, hand soap, and shampoo. And I ordered two nightstands for Margot’s room last night but I really do have to get her room done. Too much of the house isn’t done, and I need this. It felt nice to not distract myself and to spend less. Hoping to keep it up, but will naturally have to get some spring clothes for the girls and baby essentials in the coming months. 


On My Mind This Week 2.1.23

House updates

It’s a lot of waiting at this point. Waiting on sofas and a mantel and our electrician .But it’s slowly coming together. I am most excited about the family room and living room, and hopefully starting our bathroom in the next few months. 


Some personal updates

As you may know, I’ve been sharing more personal updates in my weekly(ish) newsletter. In fact, that’s where my on my mind posts usually end up now. It’s so nice to have that smaller community that feels a bit more intimate. I’ve really enjoyed it, and it’s nice to put things “out there” without having them here, if that makes any sense at all. I also re-shared my newsletter on going no-contact with my parents, and am working on something on friendship and relationships, and what it means when they end. 


On My Mind This Week 2.1.23

Pregnancy and getting ready for baby

I am officially 28 weeks and feeling quite large (but am surprisingly measuring right at 28 weeks). Winter isn’t making it easy to stay motivated or to move my body, but I’m not someone who was ever very active during pregnancy. On a very positive note, this is definitely the best I’ve felt this far into a pregnancy. I’ve had a little bit of heartburn, but it’s been nothing compared to what I experienced with the girls. It’s been pretty good overall, and I am actually sitting at the OB for my post-glucose test labs.

So baby. I can’t wait for baby snuggles and to eventually return to hot yoga and pilates. To physically feel like me again. And I’m setting things up so I will be able to do those things during my leave, which I am so so grateful for. I had zero help for 4 and 10 months respectively with both girls, and my last postpartum experience happened during a global pandemic and a Leukemia diagnosis. I’ve done nothing to the baby’s room but he has clothes, a bassinet, and a car seat, so we’re fine. I’ll get there eventually, but that room is our play room until the basement is done, and I do not feel rushed to complete it since he likely won’t be in there this summer anyway. 


My new site

I finally saw a real peek at my new site, but am not sure when it will go live. Quite a few features need to be tweaked or updated, but it’s getting there and I know I’ll be really happy with it. Not that much is different, but I really like that the home page makes it easier to search by category and top posts. And the actual post layouts are just cleaner – it’s a really nice refresh and feels necessary after a few years. And to be clear, I started this process last fall so I did not buy anything (and had already paid in full) in 2022. Just sayin’. And ICYMI I shared my new logo in my newsletter.


On My Mind This Week 2.1.23

February tech backgrounds

My February and Valentine’s tech backgrounds (for your computer, iPad, and iPhone) are live!


Links I love

These bath towels are beautiful 

This is such a cute sweatshirt for kids and is 50% off!

I am really loving Mango Home’s accessories. You know how much I appreciate a nice box, basket, or bin.

If I were shopping, and it wasn’t -8 degrees, and I fit in regular clothing I would get this dress

I have been living in this sweatshirt (size medium) – it’s the perfect oversized maternity sweatshirt. So soft and so affordable. 

PSA this coat still fits. This one does, too. I can zip it and have room! (size small in both)


Last week’s top sellers

These are the items you loved most. I’ve mentioned that I am not a diaper bag person. I’d rather carry a large tote. But this diaper bag looks like a tote and is gorgeous. Not saying I’m going to get it (probably won’t) but if I had to buy a diaper bag, this would be it. Everything’s linked here. 

On My Mind This Week 2.1.23

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