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My Favorite Baby Essentials You Can Buy on Amazon

Now that I’ve been at this mom of two thing for 9.5 months and I’ve collectively parented babies under a year for 21 months, I like to think I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Of course it’s different for every parent and baby, but after testing multiple items and too many isolation purchases to make life easier, I wanted to share some of my favorite items that you can order for the first year (and beyond) on Amazon. I’ve included some notes on each of these products and am happy to answer any questions. Each product here has been tested and loved by me (and my two girls). 

Dimmable Touch Light

This little light is so budgt-friendly and better than the hatch. The battery lasts forever (months!) and it's perfect for middle of the night feedings.
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White Noise Machine

I love the rohm sound machine for travel but this drowns out more noise which is a must when you have a baby and toddler.
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Sammy and Lou

Felt Diaper Caddy

This made life with two so much easier. I kept an extra change of clothes, bibs, burp cloths, and all our diapering essentials downstairs during the day and in our bedroom at night.
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Toy Safety Straps

I love that these straps wipe clean. I keep a few toys for Kate and Margot's water bottle strapped to the stroller, so nothing gets dropped or lost.
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Skip Hop

Explore and More Bee

I forgot how much loved this until I brought it back out for Kate. They both have so much fun with it and I swear it's the only reason Kate ever did tummy time. At 9 months, she dances whenever we turn it on.
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Wander and Roam

Play Mat

I get a lot of questions about whether I prefer this or our Toki mat and the Toki has gotten more use and is softer (huge, huge fan) but this serves an entirely different purpose. I put it under Margot's play table to define a larger play area in our living room, and it's been great!
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Blue Snail

Changing Pad Liners

These are so soft and great for keeping in the diaper caddy or on a changing table pad. We used the keekaroo and this made it a softer, warmer place to lay baby.
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Bamboo Onesie

These are buttery soft and zip from the top and bottom. I've had them in every size for Margot and passed them down to Kate.
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Fleece Booties

These are warm, cozy, and actually stay on baby's feet. When Kate outgrew her first pair I bought a new pair in a larger size, and we'll use them again this fall.
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Frida Baby

Baby Essentials

This nail clipper WORKS and the nose frida is a must-have for baby's first runny nose.
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These just came out and are even cuter than Bibs pacifiers. We love those but I can't get over the scallop. So sweet.
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Pacifier Clip

Silicone (easy to clean) and cute too. A must-have for babies who love pacifiers, because they're always getting dropped on the floor.
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Play Gym

This is one of our most-used items that both girls have loved. And I love that there's an added piece of fabric that turns it into a little tent, so it's fun for toddlers, too.
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Baby Bjorn


If you're going to invest in one baby seat, make it this one. Supportive enough to hold a newborn but fun for babies as they start to kick. We added a toy bar and both girls loved it.
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Flannel Wipes

I try to minimize the use of disposable wipes and use these to wipe Kate's face and hands after she eats.
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Burt's Bees

Absorbant Burp Cloths

Burp cloths get gross so don't invest in pretty, pricey ones. These are budget-friendly, soft, and do the trick.
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Wipes Dispenser

Have you ever tried to open a pack of wipes while holding a half-dressed baby with a dirty diaper? It's not fun or easy. This is a must-have.
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Triple Paste

Diaper Cream

This stuff isn't cheap but the tub is huge and it lasts forever and works as a great barrier to prevent diaper rashes.
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Water Wipes

720 Pack of Baby Wipes

These are gentle enough for baby's skin and a must for dirty diapers.
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Skip Hop

Travel Changing Pad

I keep this in the car or stroller – wherever we are when we're not home. It's big and doesn't fit in a diaper bag but is great to have on hand.
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Silicone Bib

The easiest to clean and the most comfortable for baby to wear. The big pocket keeps (most) food off the floor and the designs are really sweet.
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Silicone Feeding Spoons

I love all things mushie. The bibs, bowls, plates, and silicone spoons are the best and so well-designed.
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Instant Water Warmer

I've used this and the Brezza formula maker and prefer this one! It's smaller, less expensive, and easier to clean.
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I used these for both girls and really like them. They're easy to clean, great for digestion, and are great for breastfed babies, too.
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Baby Bottle Soap

It's plant based, hypoallergenic, and doesn't leave any rescue, so naturally, I buy 68 oz. at a time.
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This felt like the safest way to introduce both girls to solids, so if you're nervous, I highly recommend it. We started with avocado and other soft fruits and veggies.
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Clip Containers

These are great on the go or to store yogurt, veggies, and baby food in the fridge.
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The Best Baby Bath

I've tried three baby baths and this is large but by far the best. It was great when Kate was a newborn and has been so nice now that she's sitting up.
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Organic Bamboo Washcloths

These are soft and budget-friendly.
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Backseat Organizer

This is great for extra diapers, a pacifier, toys, and other baby essentials while you're on the go.
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Baby Monitor

I love our Nanit monotirs and have one in each of the girls' rooms. They're connected to our phones so we don't have to carry a monitor base around. I especially loved the breathewear for Kate - it gave me peace of mind being able to peek in and know she was ok.
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Double Stroller

After trying a few double strollers, as Kate got older, I quickly realized that the girls were going to have to be able to see each other on walks, and that we'd need a more narrow option than the Bugaboo Donkey. It's beautiful but so so big. Two good friends have this and recommended it for life and travel (something we want to do again someday) so I bought it and absolutely love it.
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Budget Friendly Blackout Shades

I wrote a whole blog post on how amazing these are (just search blackout shades). They make the girls' rooms pitch black for naps.
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Amazon Basics

Travel Blackout Curtains

These are a must-have for travel, and I even used them in Kate's room for a little while.
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