So you know when you fall out of a routine and want to give something a try again but it’s been so long and you’re all “ugh I can’t it’s too much” and you don’t even know what exactly you want to do and how you want to do it? That’s me and my “life lately” posts. The last one went up in 2019 and then I just…stopped. Life, work, babies, pandemics… Most days are the same, but I am putting an honest effort into making them a little different with new projects for Margot, house updates. More than anything, I love looking back on these posts. So here’s a look at our life lately: January 2021.


Life Lately January 2021: Best. News. Ever.


Let’s start with the best news ever.

We work very closely with our doctor and nurse, and I’m me so I ask a lot of Qs (but in a really cute and lovable way, obviously). Can we light a fire in our fireplace? Are plants safe? Should I order a toothbrush sterilizer? I ordered the toothbrush sterilizer. We plan on labs coming back and pushing another week or two since that’s happened every 10 days for two months. There has been at least one month of “holds” (pausing treatment). It’s fine and she’s doing great. This happens.

We’re done with frontline!

But (and I feel like you know where I’m going with this) a legit miracle happened and MARGOT HAS HER LAST FRONTLINE CLINIC DAY THIS WEEK! When I got the email from our nurse, the (happy) tears started flowing. It feels 1000x better than I could have imagined, and I’ve thought a lot about this. She did it! We did it. I am so proud of our girl and of us, too. The hardest part comes to an end this week, and we’ll have clinic once a month instead of every 7-10 days. Ahh! It feels so good. Planning a “party” with just us, but there will be balloons, a few small gifts, Margot’s favorite chicken, and lots of dancing! More soon, but I have to say another thank you to everyone who’s sent messages of love and support the last 8 months. 

This wand happened to arrive the day we found out we’d finish frontline earlier than we thought. 

We’re starting a project a we’ve been wanting to do for a while but with treatment and a pandemic, it felt like too much. All the work is being done by the back door and basement, so we’ll just keep that area of the house closed off until it’s done. It will be safe – zero contact. 

I doubt anyone who’s reading this missed my big announcement, but in case you did, I stepped down from my role at The Everygirl. You can read more about my decision to do so here. I’m still figuring things out and we’re unable to have help with the pandemic, but I get to spend more time with my girls. Look at this angel. 

I’ve been working on a few fun projects for Margot.

Being home every day, it’s hard to find new things to do, and most days feel the same. I signed up for The Magic Playbook and it had me feeling so inspired. I even bought a $20 laminator (highly recommend it). I’ve made games, charts, and play dough mats for Margot. Things spiraled in a good way, and I bought a few things to make a sensory play dough kit. Here’s a little peek. This is too fun. 

There’s some not-so-great (but totally fine) news, too.

I’m having oral surgery on Thursday. It’s a long and very complicated story, but I need four dental implants and will be doing two this week, then two more in four months. The last 8 months have given me the gift of perspective and I’m genuinely fine with it. It is what it is and they’re just teeth. Everything’s ok. 

My desk was peeling and since we have a table in our sunroom and office. Maybe it’s the fact that I won’t be at a desk all day for a while or maybe it’s all that Mad Men we’ve been watching, but we brought in a vintage dresser and bar. 

There are a few things I’ve been loving, so I want to share those here, too. 

I’ve been making some updates to my shop and putting more effort there with the hopes that everything I share will be easier to find. 

Burning this candle every night.

My favorite jeans (barely) fit again but I wore them and it felt so good. Tight but good. 

Just ordered yet another pair of the best leggings I’ve ever owned

I made these cinnamon rolls with Margot and they were so so good. 

My friend got one of these for Margot and she’s been playing with it nonstop.