Last Months Finds: March 2023

It’s April, and that means two things. Weather will start to warm up, and it’s baby month! As always, I’ve been working on the house and took on the project of moving the kids rooms around. More on that here. But we needed a few things for life and spring. I bought new bedding for the girls’ shared room, new (very affordable!) sheets for our room, and since I’ve been in bed a bit more, a bed tray for my laptop. 😂 So here are last month’s finds for March 2023. 

Last Month’s Finds: March 2023


We were in need of new bedding. Our last set just looked a little rough but I didn’t want to invest too much with a new baby coming. So I found an organic percale set on Amazon (on sale) for just over $75! After washing and putting it on the bed, it felt great, and I bought one more. I also purchased a (very) affordable duvet and shams at Pottery Barn. 

Naturally, the girls ended up with a beautiful scalloped set that wasn’t nearly as affordable, but they’re so pretty and were on sale at the time. So I splurged. 

Bed Tray

I figured I’ll be spending extra time in bed with the baby, and I’ve been very into my bed lately. So…I bought this bed tray and have been using it – mostly for work – but I’m hoping for some coffee and breakfast in bed once baby comes? Ha. 

Margot’s Bed

Kate already had a Jenny Lind bed. So ordering a second made a lot more sense than having a custom headboard made to match Margot’s bed. I can’t believe it, but I placed an order and it came within a week! 

Baby’s Dresser

Baby boy’s dresser arrived (gifted from Ave Home). Kate’s Dresser is Ave Home (we purchased it) and it’s gorgeous. It can be painted, but I love the raw wood, so we’ll see how it looks and paint it blue if the room needs it. 

Family Room Pillows

If you’re on the hunt for pillows, I love Arianna Belle. She made these for us, and will be making a few more for some other rooms in our home. You can see them in our family room here. 

LAKE Pajamas

LAKE sent some pajamas and lounge sets for me to wear when I’m postpartum. I packed the kimono set for the hospital, and have PJs and a robe, too. They’re so soft and cozy. 

Ophelia and Indigo x Lemon Stripes

Amalia Dress

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Amalia Dress

My friend Julia sent me this dress from her collab with Ophelia and Indigo and I cannot wait to wear it postpartum. Her entire collection is so good – check it out! 

Maternity and Postpartum Leggings

These are amazing. I am excited to try them out post- baby and will report back on how they fit, but I’m loving them right now. And I am not small.

I splurged on some sandals

Probably shouldn’t have done it but my Oran sandals, which I got for my first mother’s day, were dying after wearing them on pretty much every warm day since. I also sort of wore them as walking shoes in Italy twice, so it was time. I’m excited for a new pair this summer. And these woven sandals were too good to pass up – there is a code on-site so I saved a little, too. 

Kindred Bravely

Ribbed Bras

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Another The Great Sweatshirt

This is the perfect oversized sweatshirt. I have a handful of them and lived in them for most of my pregnancy, but my bump is a little too big now. The blue was just too good to pass up and today’s the last day it’s on sale. Use code FRIENDS20 for 20% off. 

Ribbed Bras

I am busty on top, and these bras are amazing and so comfortable for lounging around the house. I’ve been living in them! 

Cotton Dresses 

Margot has been living in dresses lately, and I love Primary’s basics. We got this one in blue and pink (for her and Kate) – they are affordable, comfortable, and easy to wear. 

Petite Plume nightgowns

Both girls went up a size in everything and needed some new pajamas. And they’ve been on a real nightgown kick. I bought a few styles including this one

Pink Chicken

Striped Top

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Striped Top and Shorts

Well, since they went up a size in clothes, it’s time to start thinking about warm-weather outfits. I’ve purchased a few twirly dresses and this set – it’s so cute! 

And a few essentials for the house

I ran out of my beloved Oxygen Boost and now that the girls are sharing Margot’s dresser, needed a few more dividers.  


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