Women supporting women – it’s one of the things I love most about what I do. I know firsthand how it feels since I’ve felt so supported with my fundraising efforts, and by those of you who visit my blog and want to use my affiliate links, like my posts, and do what you can to support what I do, so thank you. Here are 50+ women-owned brands to shop this year.


50+ Women-Owned Brands to Shop this year


With the holidays coming up, I’ve been trying to focus on supporting my fellow women, and wanted to share some women-owned brands (some big, some small) that I hope you’ll consider when you do your shopping. At first, I planned on sharing maybe 10 or 20 but asked for your recommendations and the list kept growing. From fashion and beauty to kids and even cookies, I’ve covered everything. Some brands are new to me (thank you, readers) and others I’ve supported for a while now. 

I’ve decided to make this a regular thing, and am going to share some smaller, curated, lists in the coming weeks (and months). These brands are all founded by women, and up next, I’ll share women-owned stores. If you know of any shops that carry a variety of brands or want to suggest a women-owned brand to share soon, please leave a comment below. 


Kypris Beauty

If I could only use one beauty product, this would be it. I've purchased it at least 5-6x - it is life (ok, skin) changing
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Jones Road

My friend Jessie just told me about this clean beauty line started by Bobbi Brown.
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Vintner's Daughter

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Summer Hours (Clean) Perfume

Use code DANIELLE15 for 15% off.
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Indie Lee

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Branch Basics

This brand had me at oxygen boost
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Saalt (Period Cup)

I have this thing and love it!
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Sugar Paper

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White and Warren

The most luxurious cashmere - this travel scarf is one of my favorite items.
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Dana Rebecca Designs

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Known for their reusable bags and pouches, don't forget to try their masks. They are some of the best.
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Quality, leather goods
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Petite Plume

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The entire site is basically a timeless, capsule collection
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Classic, affordable basics
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Dudley Stephens

The softest, chicest fleece
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Hill House

Home of the nap dress
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Little Sleepies

Our favorite pajamas
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If we could only own one toy brand for the first year, this would be it.
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Shop 6 Heart

Soft turbans and headbands for little ones
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Toki Mats

The softest, foldable baby play mat
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Rey to Z

custom hats for kids and adults
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Starfish Kids

A new kids clothing line that launched this month
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Lucy Lue

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Kiko + GG

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Wander and Roam

Our favorite padded (waterproof) playmat
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Sweet May Co

Hats, headbands, and bows for little ones
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Rosie Bee

Food grade silicone stackers
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Hazel Village

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Tubby Todd

My girls have sensitive skin and we've always used this brand
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Little Blue Corner

Etsy shop selling bows and headbands
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Harper Iman Dolls

These are completely sold out but follow the brand to get on a wait list
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Covet and Ginger

a beautiful ceramics shop
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Salt and Sundry

Home goods
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The best pillow inserts
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Linda's Barn

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Studio Nine Seven Two

A black-owned woman run candle company
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Shop Home Maven

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The softest fleece throws
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Our Place

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Estelle Colored Glasses

Black-owned speciality made colored glass
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CA (infused) Olive Oil
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Sugar Bloom Cookies

These cookies are ART
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Mera Bites

The founders started this company at my CrossFit gym and I've been hooked since. These cookies are phenomenal!
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The Babe Shop

Custom illustrrations
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