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Winter. It’s really something. They don’t have winter where I come from. Or it looks nothing like it does in Chicago. One time, there was some frost on my lawn when I was a kid – and that’s the coldest I ever was. Then I moved to Chicago where it’s so cold that I basically hibernate all winter. But I have fireplaces now so it’s ok. Fortunately, the snow and freezing temps came late this year. But there’s no way around it – it’s time to bundle up. Or if you’re me, it’s time to stay inside until temps reach the 50s. Here are my favorite cold weather accessories to wear this season. 


Women’s Cold Weather Accessories That Will Keep You Warm This Winter


I’ve put together a roundup of women’s cold weather accessories at various price-points. (lots of cashmere $100 and under!)  From ribbed scarves to knit gloves, I chose classic pieces that you won’t tire of, and ones that will work with almost everything. Because whether I like it or not (and for the record, I do not) it is officially time to bundle up. So if we’re going to freeze, we might as well look good doing it. From the coziest mittens and pom hats to the thickest, warmest scarves, and my favorite cashmere travel wrap here’s everything you need to stay warm (ish) when it’s unreasonably cold outside. 

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