Back with another female-founded post – this time, sharing my favorite women-owned fashion brands! From shoes and cashmere to jewelry and everything in between, here are the 10 women-owned fashion brands to shop this year. Let’s support other women and shop these amazing brands this holiday season. 🤍  See more in my shop, too.

10 Women-Owned Fashion Brands to Shop

These are some of my favorite brands to shop and support. Some have grown significantly since they first started out, but they’re all women-owned, and I have shopped each of these brands. 


White and Warren

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Sh*t That I Knit

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White and Warren

The most luxurious cashmere – this travel scarf is one of my favorite items.

Shit that I knit

These beanies are so cozy. My girls and I have matching ones (yes, I’m that mom) and we love them.


Dana Rebecca Designs

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Quality, leather goods
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Dana Rebecca Designs: 

I may be friends with Dana, but I wear earrings, rings, and a necklace that she designed daily. She’s amazing, and the pieces I wear are so chic and timeless. 



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I have a Senreve crossbody and love it. It’s beautiful, well-made, and trendy yet classic. 


I love Margaux’s flats. They’re classic, comfortable, and a splurge, but a lot more budget-friendly than Chanel.


Petite Plume

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Classic, affordable basics
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Petite Plume: 

We love our Petite Plume pajamas. The patterns are so sweet (and very tasteful, too), so much, that I have a few. Each Christmas, we always choose matching family pajamas from the brand. 



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Mason Grey: 

I love my Mason Grey robe so much that I have 3 of them. I know what your’e thinking, but it has to hang dry and I have a baby and toddler who like to eat food and then hug me. 


Oh I love AYR so much. The french fry tee is a classic staple and I love their oversized button down. 


Dudley Stephens

The softest, chicest fleece
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Hill House

Home of the nap dress
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Dudley Stephens: 

I love my DS fleece. It’s so cozy and easy to wear.

Hill House: 

I wasn’t a nap dress person and then I bought a nap dress and now I want a second. They’re so comfortable, flattering, and easy to wear.