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The Best Face Masks for Toddlers That Actually Stay On

Since we’ve spent so much time at the hospital during this pandemic, I made it my mission to find a mask that would stay on my toddler’s little face. Our daughter started wearing masks right before she turned two, and it was such a struggle to find a comfortable, quality mask that stayed put on her tiny little face. 

After trying a few different brands, I finally found something that worked. Enter Mamask. At first, I ordered one mask for our daughter and loved it so much that I got one for myself, too. Then another handful. The ear straps have little pulls so they’re fully adjustable and don’t slip. There are a few different weights, and if you’re going to be inside for longer periods of time, I’d recommend the lighter weight masks. And they have reusable (washable) filters that are good for up to 50 uses! These are the masks we grab before any others and bonus – they’re fun for a matching mother-daughter mask moment. 

This post is not sponsored. I purchased quite a few masks from the brand and when they saw how much I loved them, they did offer to send a few extra masks our way, but without the promise to share anything. I will also never share a product that I do not love and use. I’m just a mom that knows the struggle of finding a mask that will stay on my toddler, and these are the best.

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