Three Days in Rome, Italy


I’ve been home from Europe for over a month so now seemed like a good time to finally share some photos from our time in Rome. This was my second time there and I enjoyed it so much more this time around. It was hot and insanely touristy, so I’d recommend going when it cools down a bit more. You really can’t beat the history–Julius Cesar was killed across the street from our Airbnb. It is such an incredible place.

Since I’m not an expert on all things Rome, I’ll just share a few photos and a few of my favorite spots in the city. Here we go!

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Piazza Navona


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Via Margutta is one of the prettiest streets in all of Rome. Recognize this lady? That’s my friend Jess Lively!


Sitting at a table overlooking Piazza del Poppolo with Conor and Jess, drinking aperol spritzes, and watching the sunset will go down as one of my favorite memories from the trip. We bought sunglasses at Ottica Spiezia right off the square. It’s a tiny little shop and home of the Pope’s eye doctor.

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We toured the Coloseum, Palatine Hill, and the Forum. Seeing the inside of the Coloseum was so worth it, but I honestly didn’t love our tour. It was 3.5 hours and the guide talked way too much. Wish I remembered the name of the company, but I don’t. Fortunately, we used a different one for Vatican City that I loved, so I’d recommend them for everything. More on that in a minute.


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DaVinci was commissioned to make the maps lining these walls!


Hiring a tour guide from Eyes of Rome was the best thing we did the whole trip. I’m not a huge fan of tours since my attention span doesn’t allow for such things, but Marco was amazing! He started off by telling us he didn’t want to spend too much time throwing information we’d never retain at us. So he walked us through each spot, telling us only the most interesting information, and would let us look around a bit. The cost to have him show us around was about $45 more per person than the cost of getting into Vatican City, and saved us hours since we skipped the lines. I highly recommend doing this!


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Where we ate

I didn’t shoot every restaurant because I decided to just be in the moment and not pull my camera out everywhere we went, but had to take some photos of Gusto since the design was so great, and the pizza was fantastic, too. Definitely one of our favorite spots.
Taverna Trilussa was phenomenal. I prefer pizza to pasta but ordered pasta and loved it.
Felice Testaccio was full of locals and is another spot where I ordered and loved the pasta. Maybe I do like that stuff after all.
I haven’t met an Italian gelato I don’t love, but Cremeria Monteforte may go down as one of the best

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We spent our first 2 nights at an Airbnb, and then relocated to Casacau, which I’d highly recommend. It’s a really chic little boutique hotel just steps from Trevi Fountain.


Speaking of Trevi Fountain…

My biggest takeaway from this trip would be to visit Rome when it’s a bit cooler and less crowded. I’d love to go back, but my next Italy trip needs to be on the coast. Hoping to make that happen in the next year or two! On my list: Lake Como and Positano. Have you been? What other cities should I add to my list?

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