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My youngest just turned 1 this spring and I’ve been trying to figure out some fun activities to keep him busy outside. He’s not walking yet but is cruising around furniture, so anything that gets him standing is always a great activity. Water play is also the perfect warm weather activity for kids, so I pulled out our trusty old water table, but decided to try a water table hack to make things more engaging. I added a water pump, fountain, and a few fun water toys, and it kept him busy! 


This Simple Viral Water Table Hack is a Game Changer


When my girls played with this water table, I found myself constantly pouring water on the second tier so it would come out the small holes on top. Adding a water pump and fountain to your Step2 water table is a fantastic way to create an engaging water table for your toddler. You can easily transform the Step2 water table into a water playground. I couldn’t believe how a simple pump fountain brought a whole new level of excitement to a water table. 

water table hack

What You Need

This really couldn’t be easier. All you need is the Step2 water table and a portable water pump. 


Water Table

This is a fun water table with a second tier and small drainage holes that function like a little waterfall, and has all sorts of fun extras to keep little ones engaged.
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Water Pump

This rechargeable water pump is a game changer.
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Robo Fish

My kids love these! They are activated by water and swim all over the water table or bath.
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water table hack

Step-by-Step Instructions

Set Up Your Water Table: Building the Step2 table was really easy. You just need a screwdriver or an electric drill. Using an electric drill made the process a lot faster, and I also used it to increase the size of the hole the pump tubing goes through 

Set Up Your Water Pump: Charge your pump, then place it on top of the water table and insert the tubing through the hole.

Just Add Water: Add enough water that the tube goes into the water and turn on the pump. 

Add a Few Extras for More Fun: I added a solar fountain, and we love these robot fish, and silicone water toys. 

Have Fun: Watch your toddler splash around! 


Safety Considerations

Non-Toxic Materials: Ensure all materials used are non-toxic and safe for children.

Water Levels: Keep water levels shallow and never leave your child unattended around water. 

Secure Setup: Regularly check the stability of the fountain structure and ensure all parts are securely attached.


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