Travel Essentials for a Long Flight


This post was originally published two years ago, but it’s been one of my most popular posts to-date, so I’ve brought it back with a fresh new look and updated products! Why? Because long flights are no joke. If I’m very lucky I’ll get 2-3 hours of sleep which still leaves hours of just sitting there. I’ve learned a thing or two about getting through a long flight over the past few years, so here’s a list of the travel essentials I rely on.


1. Electronics & Entertainment

I always carry my laptop or iPad to watch movies. If you don’t want to bring the extra gear, your iPhone and a charger works, too. Most international flights also have TVs with decent movie selections, so that’s also a great option. I usually to like to have my computer in case I need it. If there’s wifi, I’ll do a little work and chat with people over my messages app – such a great way to pass the time. I tried the whole kindle thing but really prefer turning pages, so I bring a good old fashioned book with me.

2. Baggage

A spinner (carry-on on 4 wheels) is a must-have for getting through the airport. I keep my tote or duffel on top and just glide it through the airport. I love my Away but this Mark and Graham bag is beautiful! Bring a leather or lightweight tote, duffel, or any bag that will fit under your seat, and fill that with all your essentials.

3. Healthy Snacks

Airplane snacks are usually unhealthy and not that great, so I come armed with some of my favorite healthy snacks. The best part about most of the ones I have listed here is that they’re single serving, so you’re less likely to polish off a 5 serving bag.

RX Bars

Clean Protein Bar

These have been my go-to for years. I love them.
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4. Health & Beauty

I keep my favorite travel-sized beauty products in the bag under my seat, and the rest in my carry-on or checked bag. As long as I have something to keep my hands and lips moisturized, a toothbrush for a mid-flight pick-me-up, and a little spray for my face, I’m good.



5. Comfort

A cozy travel wrap that doubles as a blanket or pillow, an eye mask or sunglasses to get some shut-eye, cardigan and socks to stay warm, ad comfortable shoes.

Have I forgotten anything? What are some of your favorite travel essentials?

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  • Advil & gum! Gum is a must for ear-popping & the pressure changes on a flight sometimes give me terrible headaches (the first time this happened I thought my ear bud had exploded in my ear, but no just a crazy headache!) so I NEVER get on a plane without Advil.

  • Thank you for this! I am taking my second international flight in a few weeks and have been thinking of what I need and how to make a packing list!

  • Cozy socks are a must! I guess I’d nix the salty snacks but add a disinfectant wipe. I like to wipe down the arm rests and tray table and most times when I use the bathroom on a large international flight my hands never feel clean after washing them. Those airplane bathrooms are my personal nightmare.

  • Thank you for the eye mask feature. Its very exciting to seem my product here. All the best to you!

  • A serious serum/intense moisturizer is a must. (If I forget, I just swing by Duty Free…) Slather it on. Looking overly luminous while boarding is a small price to pay for having perfect, dewy, baby-soft skin upon landing!
    Oh and ear plugs if you don’t have noise-cancelling headphones.

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