We swear the baby and child products won’t take over our home, but it happens to all of us. Even though we have a play room, I’ve always liked have a little play space on our family room. When it comes to creating a safe play space for babies, finding the right play mat is essential. A play mat is a soft place to lay baby down, and offers a place to sit and play as they grow up. Here are the best beautiful, functional play mats for babies and kids. 


Beautiful and Practical Play Mats for Babies and Kids


As a mom of 3, I’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work, and what your needs are with babies and little kids. When it comes to play mats, the best mat is easy to clean, easy to store, and a soft, safe place for your little one to play. Sure, area rugs are great, but I’ve always liked having a padded spot to place baby down. 

When looking for a play mat, I considered safety, comfort, and also important, something aesthetically pleasing. Four brands that stand out in this arena are Toki Mats, House of Noa, Toddlekind, and Gathre. I’ve owned mats from each brand, and they’re all great. Each offers unique features, making them some of the best play mats available.


Toki Mats

Toki Mats are so well made and practical and are my pick for the best soft padded play mat. This mat is by far my favorite baby mat, and is the perfect choice if you want something that’s easy to fold and store. It’s made with non-toxic foam, and there’s even an option for an organic insert. Toki Mats provide a safe playing surface and comfy spot for your little ones. It’s the perfect tummy time mat for babies, too. Toki Mats come in a variety of colors and patterns. I love the brand so much that I collaborated with them on the floral mat shown here, but it has unfortunately sold out. They have some great solid options which would seamlessly blend into any living room decor. 

These mats are designed with practicality in mind. The covers are machine washable, making cleanup easy. Additionally, Toki Mats come in two different sizes – if you have the space, the extra large play mat is great for crawling babies and kids. The cover unzips for easy cleanup. 

Toki Mat

Padded Foldable Play Mat

This is my pick for the best play mat that works from infancy through childhood. It's an amazing mat that's padded, and easy to fold, so it's an ideal spot for babies who are learning to sit up, and easy to fold. We have both sizes and use them all the time.
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Play Mats for Babies   



Toddlekind mats are designed with both safety and style in mind. These foam mats provide a soft, padded play area that is perfect for babies and toddlers. It’s easy to clean, and the puzzle pieces make the sizing fully customizable and reversible. I purchased and combined two of these mats to use under a climbing gym in our playroom since I didn’t want my kids landing on the hard floor. Toddlekind mats are available in a variety of different colors and patterns, so there’s a style that works with every type of decor. 


Puzzle Play Mat

Toddlekind’s premium quality mats are perfect for larger areas, providing plenty of space for children to play. Whether placed in a living room or a dedicated playroom, these mats offer a soft cushion on hard floors, making them ideal for active play and gentle falls. Fellow parents will appreciate the combination of safety, comfort, and style that Toddlekind mats provide.
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Gathre Mats

Gathre mats are known for their sleek design and high functionality. Their original mats aren’t padded, but they’re ideal for sensory activities and picnics. I love Gathre’s padded mats for play time. The non-toxic foam inside ensures a safe and soft playing surface for babies and toddlers.

The vegan leather surface is wipeable, making it simple to maintain even with the messiest of playtimes. Gathre offers mats in a variety of colors and sizes, including extra-large play mats that are perfect for spacious play areas.



Padded Mat

Gathre mats are versatile and can be used in multiple settings, from living rooms to outdoor spaces. Their stylish design makes them a great addition to any home decor, while their practical features ensure they meet the needs of busy parents. For a beautiful baby play mat that offers both style and substance, Gathre is a top pick.
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House of Noa

House of Noa offers some of the most beautiful baby play mats on the market. Their mats are functional and beautiful, resembling stylish rugs more than traditional play mats. House of Noa’s mats are great for parents who want to maintain their home decor while creating a safe play space for their children.

House of Noa mats are made from non-toxic foam, providing a safe and soft landing for babies. These mats are particularly great for hardwood floors, offering a cushioned surface that protects both your child and the floor. The puzzle piece design allows for easy customization of the play area, ensuring that it fits perfectly into any space. The mats are also easy to clean, with a wipeable surface that simplifies maintenance.


House of Noa

Tumbling Mat

Tumbling mats are great for active toddlers and older kids. They're a great pick if you need something that's easy to fold up, too. They offer a variety of colors and designs, ensuring that there is something to match every home’s aesthetic.
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When it comes to choosing the best play mats for babies and kids, Toki Mat, House of Noa, Toddlekind, and Gathre are among the best options available. Each brand offers unique features that cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring that there is a perfect play mat for every family.

From the soft cushion and non-toxic foam of Toki Mats to the stylish and practical designs of House of Noa, Toddlekind, and Gathre, these mats provide safe, comfortable, and beautiful play areas for children. Whether you need a mat for hardwood floors, a large play space, or a mat that complements your home decor, these brands have you covered. Invest in a high-quality play mat and create a safe, engaging, and stylish play space for your child.