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The Best Toys For Two Year Olds

When it comes to toddlers, it’s amazing how much things can change in five months. Earlier this year, I shared Margot’s play area and some of her favorite toys. Now that she’s almost half a year older and loves to dance, sing, play pretend, and put stickers on every single surface in our home, I want to share the best toys for two year olds. 

The Best Toys For Two Year Olds

Margot is still very into figurines, but these days, it’s all about Daniel Tiger, Peppa Pig, and Mickey Mouse. She loves her tea set and play food! She will pour you the best tea or coffee, complete with (the cutest) pouring sound effects. The ice cream toy she’s loved for months is still a favorite that she plays with almost every day. We play with baby dolls and read lots of board books to develop those language skills. 

But let’s talk about her two favorite things right now:

She lives for stickers, which she sticks to everything and stuffs in her toy tea cups. And second, her Young, Wild, and Friedman sensory kits. These are a great way to help your 2 year old develop fine motor skills and are great for playing pretend, too. I purchased two kits and then signed Margot up for the monthly subscription (nothing was gifted or discounted). They have been amazing for her and she’ll play with them for over an hour! There are a few toddler kits but the ones I ordered are recommended for ages three and up, so we watch her closely, but Margot seems to be long past wanting to put things in her mouth. 

I had to stop spending so much money on clay sensory kits and actually started making my own. They’re super easy to make. See how I did it here.

How to make sensory clay kits

Educational toys don’t have to teach numbers and letters. Toddlers and young children learn through play, so every time they play with great toys, they’re learning new skills. I love open-ended toys because there are so many different ways to use them. 

A few notes.

I splurged on this wooden tea set but it’s a bit smaller than I’d like, so I linked to a different one in the post. We use this silicone mat at Margot’s booster seat when she plays with clay. The little border helps contain the mess.

Wooden Makeup Toy

This was a gift and quickly became a favorite toy. I love how simple it is. 

Sensory Kit

These are the best, but are a bit pricey. But you can make one yourself for a lot less money. 

Doctor’s Kit

Pretend play is so important for toddlers and preschoolers, and a doctor’s kit is always so much fun for 2 year olds. 0-

Wooden Blocks

I love wooden toys, and this blog set is a favorite. It includes a shape sorter and little peg figurines, so it’s great for imaginative play and hand-eye coordination. Open-ended toys like this can be used for everything. 

Puffy Stickers

These are great for little hands and kept both my 2 year olds busy. 

The Best Mold-Free Bath Toy

Use these in the bath or at a water table. They do fill with water but are easy to clean. 

Ice Cream Counter 

We keep this in our living room and it gets used almost every day. 

Large Animal Figurine Set

These are great for sensory play, the bath, or a water table. 

Tea Set

A tea set is always a great toy – classic and simple, but good for hours of fun. 

Wooden Cupcakes

Since both my kids love play food, I’m including a few of our favorites in this post. Play food is one of the best gifts for young children – it’s the perfect toy for playing pretend: kitchen, chef, picnics. 

Play Kits

We really liked these Lovevery play kits, but I will tell you that the toys don’t retain my kids interest as long as I hoped. They are developed by child development experts and are the perfect way to build skills that our kids need at age 2. I just wish they were a bit more interactive. 

Wooden Rainbow Stacker


Choose a figurine from a show your toddler loves, and they’ll have fun playing with their favorite characters. 

Puffy Sticker Play Set

A classic toy – both my girls love these. 

Dot Paint

This paint comes in bright colors and is about as mess-free as paint can be. 

Play Kitchen

I include this in every gift guide because it’s a classic and will last for years. I’ve talked about the importance of playing pretend in early childhood, and using a play kitchen is one of the best ways to do that. 

Sensory Play Table

This is one of the best toddler toys, and there are some amazing add-ons on Etsy. Use it as a play table, activity desk, or even a water table. It’s such a simple toy, but there are endless ways to use it.