Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday

My baby is ONE! I can’t believe it. We honeymooned in the Amalfi Coast, so as soon as we bought a house with a yard, I knew this had to happen. This party was obviously for us since she would have been thrilled with a balloon and a trip to the park. We just finished renovations and landscaping and it’s summer, so this felt like the perfect reason to have everyone over. Here’s our daughter’s Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday Party. 

An Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday Party

Shortly before cake time, my friend and wedding photographer Katie Kett took a few photos of our family and some of our daughter with her smash cake. In a shocking turn of events (did not see this one coming), I started crying a few seconds into singing Happy Birthday. My baby is growing up. It wasn’t the easiest year but it was always so easy loving her, and I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. It felt like I was looking back (or I guess ahead) at her life a la Father of the Bride and my heart couldn’t take it. But enough with the feelings. Let’s talk about the party! PS EVERYTHING is linked throughout the post and at the bottom of the post. 

Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday

Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday

It all started with pizza, spritzes, and lemons, and then took off from there.

I found some lemon banners on Etsy, and bought a few colorful banners to hang inside in case we had rain (and we did). I hired Kelly Etz to do custom lettering for the invites and cups. Our patio cooler made the perfect gelato cart and I added a few lemon pools and beach umbrellas, balloons, and voila! Looks just like the Amalfi Coast. We served pizza and spritzes and bought gelato at Whole Foods. To make things easier, we made a huge batch of spritzes and put them in here.

Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday

Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday

Business & Pleasure Co

Beach Umbrellas

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Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday

Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday

Glitter Paper Scissors

Lemon Garland

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Oh Happy Day

Mylar Balloon

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Serena & Lily

Floor Pillow

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Pottery Barn


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A birthday gift from grandma
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Pottery Barn

Drink Dispenser

aka Aperol Spritz dispenser
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What to wear to an Amalfi Coast birthday party



My hat is sold out but this one is similar!
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I added some festive garland inside and am so glad I did since we spent the last hour or so in the house. It was also so fun having those banners up all week! She oved them. I bought a total of two and draped them back and forth in the entry and living room. And I can’t believe it but I got it together and printed her monthly photos and strung them on our mantel.

I was more excited about the cake than I thought I’d be.

I found a photo of a two tier cake (in red with red writing) and asked to have that made in white, then found a photo of confetti dots that I wanted to add to the white cake. The smash cake was easy. I just found a photo of a scalloped cake on pinterest and asked Alliance bakery to make us something similar. She was so reserved with her cake. Was really hoping she’d dive right in, but she barely touched it and we had very little time to sit out there since the sky turned black and we all ran inside before it started pouring.


Scout & Acadia

Circle Banners

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Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday PartyAmalfi Coast 1st Birthday PartyAmalfi Coast 1st Birthday PartyAmalfi Coast 1st Birthday PartyAmalfi Coast 1st Birthday Party

Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday Party

Amalfi Coast 1st Birthday Party Sources

Invitation c/o Minted
Custom lettering for invite & cups
Lemon garland
Circle and ice cream banners
“1” balloon
White 3′ balloons
Lemon pool c/o Minnidip
Beach umbrellas
Plates, umbrellas, and napkins
Ice cream cups
Our patio cooler is being used as a gelato cart
Lemon swimsuit gifted by Minnow Swim
White linen outfit and this seersucker dress (a gift from Monica & Andy)
Cake and smash cake
My dress (gifted)

My hat (similar here)


Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Olds

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