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Our Favorite Books for Toddlers

We read a lot of books every day. From activity books during the day to our favorite stories before quiet (nap) time and bedtime, these are the ones we always go back to again and again.

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  • Thanks for sharing these! We’re book lovers over here too so I’m always on the hunt for new ones. Happily, we only know one of these so we have so many more to discover!

  • Hi Danielle. Thank you! I love your book round ups! Years ago I read your post on kindness books and made a mental note to buy Be Kind if/when I had a child. I now read it often to my 1 year old son. I love the story and illustrations. Do you have Be Strong? It follows the same characters, but centres on Tanisha learning what it means to be strong. It’s a sweet book with a message of strength through helping others, speaking up / advocating for social change, as well as being willing to accept support. It seems like something you’d really like!

    1. Hi! I did not know that existed but just ordered it. Should arrive next week. Thanks so much!