I knew it was coming, but when Conor asked what I wanted my ring to look like, it didn’t really feel real. And my answer of “round or cushion with a plain or diamond band–just surprise me and I’ll say yes!” didn’t do it for him. So…should you go ring shopping together? 

Should You Go Ring Shopping Together? And how I chose my ring.

I can’t blame the guy for wanting to look at rings together since I’m really indecisive and have a lot of opinions. But I wanted it to be a surprise! So we looked at rings together and the whole process was exciting and a little surreal. In the end, I didn’t feel pulled toward one shape vs the other. And shocker–actually ended up liking princess cut making things even more confusing. 

The decision was finally made. Even though I knew it would be round with a plain band and actually saw the proposal coming, I was still so surprised. I didn’t choose the ring, but we narrowed down the style. So if you’re talking about getting engaged, I’d recommend looking at rings. I’m glad I knew I’d love it. There’s that part of me that loves the idea of being surprised as long as it didn’t result in a Carrie/Aidan situation. That pear shaped diamond with a gold band was not good.