Love them or hate them, goody bags have become a part of kids birthday parties. Party favors a fun way to thank your guests for coming and add a personal touch to celebrations. But I don’t like a time-consuming project and DIY isn’t my thing. This stuff can sort of overwhelmed me, and pinterest and social media has put so much pressure on us as parents. The practice of giving out birthday party favors has evolved over time, with modern goody bags offering a blend of creativity, thoughtfulness, and fun. Sometimes, it’s too much. I also hate buying a bunch of plastic junk that kids will just throw away, so I try to choose things they might use up or actually want to keep. I want to share some affordable and creative ideas for goody bags for your next birthday party. 


Affordable Birthday Party Favors for Kids Goody Bags


One of my favorite ways to make party favor bags fun is to add a personal touch. I like to choose one great item at around $5-8 or something fun and cute for $2-3 and then add in a few dollar spot items from Target, like bubbles or jar. It’s easiest to do this but incorporating your child’s favorite things or through their party theme. You can do this with stickers, tattoos, and more. Personalization extends to the presentation as well, with gift tags or stickers with your child’s name on them. Those are easier to make than you’d think – I’ve made them myself on Canva (so easy!) and have ordered them on etsy, too. 

It’s not uncommon to find yourself needing to put together goody bags at the last minute, so if you want to order custom stickers, do that a few weeks out. But I’ve put together some great favors last minute, and I’m going to share those ideas with you as well. I love incorporating colorful candies, small toys, and stickers that can be purchased at an online store (Amazon and Target always have what I’m looking for) and arranged in gift bags.


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Favor Ideas for Goody Bags

When it comes to sourcing items for goody bags, online party stores are a treasure trove. These stores offer a vast array of themed party supplies, making it easy to find items that align with the party theme. From princess crowns and pirate eye patches to dinosaur figurines and space-themed trinkets, the options are virtually limitless. Shopping at an online party store also provides the convenience of browsing and purchasing from home, which is especially helpful for parents planning a party amidst a busy schedule.

The contents of goody bags can vary widely depending on the age group of the guests and the nature of the birthday party. For young children, items like crayons, bubbles, and miniature puzzles are sure to be a hit. Older kids might appreciate items such as keychains, gel pens, and small notebooks. It’s important to consider the interests and preferences of the guests to ensure that the party favors are both enjoyable and appropriate.



5 in. Squishmallows

These squishmallows end up being around $5 each and were a huge hit for all the kids at my son's first birthday.
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Sidewalk Chalk

This is one of my favorite (cheap) party favor ideas. You can get 60 pieces of chalk for just $8, and give each child 4-6 pieces. Even if each child gets 6 pieces, that's 10 favors for $8!
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Beads for Bracelet Kit

A DIY bracelet kit party favor is as easy as it gets, and is something fun and not wasteful that kids will enjoy.
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Gel Pens

I would break these up into sets of 4 pens per child and put them in a little art box with stickers, stamps, and other fun art supplies.
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Toy Trucks

Go big and give each child a full set or break them up and give each child 1-2 paired with some tattoos or stickers
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Fun Aunt Jess

Sensory Pieces

My sister started this Etsy shop after these sensory pieces became a big hit with my girls. She made mermaid tails, seashells, and other things you'd find on the ocean floor. Each favor will have a few sensory pieces to use with their dough jars.
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fashion Angels

Sticker Book

My kids love these sticker books. Each one has over 1000 stickers, and they regularly go on sale for around $5.
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Choosing a Gift Bag

Kraft paper is a popular choice for creating gift bags due to its rustic charm and versatility. Kraft paper bags can be easily decorated with stickers, stamps, or drawings, allowing for a personalized touch that complements the party’s aesthetic. These bags are not only eco-friendly but also sturdy enough to hold a variety of party favors, making them both practical and appealing.



Bead Bags

Make everyone a bracelet making kit. Buy alphabet beads and put each child's name, a piece of string, and some fun beads for their own mini kit.
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Mini Art Boxes

Ok, these are really fun and can be very affordable depending on how you fill them. Buy a few packs of glitter pens and put 2-3 in each box with some paper, glitter, and stickers.
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Cellophane Bags

I've used these for chalk and little candles. Just seal with a cute sticker!
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Gift tags are a small detail that can make a big difference in the presentation of goody bags. A neatly written or printed gift tag adds a touch of elegance and shows that thought and care have gone into the preparation. These tags can also be themed to match the party’s decor, enhancing the overall cohesive look of the event.

Goody bags for birthday party favors offer a blend of creativity, personalization, and practicality. By incorporating a personal touch, utilizing resources like online party stores, and paying attention to details such as gift tags and party themes, hosts can create memorable and delightful goody bags that leave a lasting impression on their guests. Whether using kraft paper for a rustic feel or tailoring the contents to suit the guests’ preferences, the thought and effort put into these small gifts make birthday parties even more special.


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