I wanted to share the things I bought on Amazon this month. If you take away anything from this one, let it be the cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaner. It won’t replace your regular vacuum since it doesn’t work on carpet or rugs, but it will replace your mop, and your floors will be a lot cleaner. It’s so satisfying to use. And if you have kids, the magnatiles road toppers and baby playpen have been getting daily use in our home. Here are my March Amazon purchases.

March Amazon Purchases: What I Bought This Month



Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

I can't believe I waited so long to buy this. It's truly incredible. Cordless, cleans spills and food, and is a million times more effective than a mop.
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Comfy Cubs


I needed a safe place for Jack to play while we get things done. This looks nice, comes fully assembled, is easy to move around, and it's huge! I love it.
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Laundry Basket

Margot moved into her new bedroom so she needed her own laundry hamper.
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Fireplace Screen

I needed a screen to cover the playroom fireplace. This one is budget-friendly and does the trick.
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Garage Wall Racks

These helped me get our garage all cleaned up. I have everything on the walls now and it feels so good.
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iPhone Charger Cords

I got the 6 ft. 2 pack but there are a few cord length options, so these are great for bedside or the car.
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Electric Foot File

I told Conor to try my foot shaver but once he did I realized that wasn't something I wanted to share, so I bought a second one. I like this one even more. It's more powerful and the charge lasts a lot longer.
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Oil for Scars

Someone who follows me on IG recommended this for scars. she had surgery around the time I did and showed me a photo of her scars and they are INCREDIBLE. I had to order.
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Dermaplane Tool

I haven't had much time with this but keep seeing ads for dermaplaning so will report back.
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48 Tiny Blank Notebooks

My kids draw and write all day, so these have been a hit. I love that they can design the covers, too.
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Travel Sound Machine

I cannot believe how powerful this tiny thing is! I just ordered a second one for an upcoming trip.
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Magnatiles Road Toppers

I bought 2 of these as gifts this month. My kids love them and use them all the time.
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Mini Basketballs

I got these for our mini basketball hoop in the basement. The kids love them!
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Cuddle and Kind Doll

I've always loved these and needed something for Jack's Easter basket. Isn't it cute?
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Glitter Gel Pens

My girls have been coloring and writing nonstop, and glitter gel pens are now their favorite. I love that these don't have caps - feels safer for Jack.
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Rainbow Cloud Slippers

Margot's slippers were so gross, but she loved them, so I replaced them with a new pair. They're affordable, cute, and cozy. Kate has the panda version.
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Travel Car Seat Vest

My friend recommended this for our upcoming trip to Paris. I love our travel car seat but can't bring it to the Eras Tour, and will need to safely get Margot to and from the concert safely. Bonus: It's Car Seat Lady approved.
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Another friend recommended these for the Eras Tour. Her daughter went when she was 9 or 10 and wore them the entire time. Now I just need to figure out a concert-friendly bag for my travel vest/harness and headphones.
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