As a mom to 3 and 5 year olds this is a stage I am very familiar with. And I have to tell you, these ages are the most fun – I love little kids. My girls love to color and create – markers and stickers are always being used in our house. They love pretend play, listening to their Toniebox, baby dolls, building and live for any and every plush toy. And when they’re not creating, they are dressing up or stuffing tiny things in backpacks or their play tent. They love tiny food, dolls, art, and playing pretend. These are the best gifts for preschoolers.


The Best Holiday Gifts for Preschoolers and Little Kids


If you’re looking for great gifts for preschoolers, you’ve come to the right place. This age is so sweet because they’re still just a little too young for Barbie dolls, so the toys feel sweeter and a bit simpler, too. I’ve put together a list of the best toys – the ones that keep my kids busy for a long time. Here are my gift ideas for preschoolers. 


Gifts for Toddlers

The best gifts for toddlers ages 1-2!
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This is the perfect gift for the holidays. It's a splurge, but is such a great toy – my kids play with it all the time. All the little maileg mice and accessories are their favorite (and I think they're really cute, too).
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Swingy Nest

Cocoon Swing

My daughter's friend has one of these in her bedroom and my kids had so much fun with it. Strongly considering adding one to our playroom.
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Tender Leaf Toys

Car Transporter

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The Singing Machine

Karaoke Machine

This bluetooth speaker streams songs from any compatible device and is a great way to help kids with their language skills. It's a great gift for slightly older children, too. My kindergartener would love it.
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Melissa and Doug

Ice Cream Counter

The original Melissa & Doug ice cream counter has been a favorite since my kids were toddlers, and this newer, bigger, and better version would be such a hit.
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I don't know what it is about squishmallows, but my kids are obsessed. They come in cute, fun designs and get a lot of use in our house.
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Domestic Objects

Play Tent

Fort kits are great but tent is just beautiful. My kids use theirs almost every day. It's best place for creative play – this is their fort, picnic spot, and a magical place to hide out.
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Pixel Art Lightbox

Little hands will build fine motor skills with this lightbox. It's a smaller, travel-friendly version of light brite – I love it.
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The best toy for young children and one of my favorite picks year after year. Most of my kids favorite characters are available as Tonies and it's good for hours of entertainment. Our favorite, most-used toy that you'll see in a few of my gift guides this year. It's recommended for ages 3 and up but my middle daughter started using it independently (with supervision) at 1.5.
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Le Toy Van

Wooden Train Set

A classic holiday gift, I love this beautiful train set.
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Pat Zietlow Miller

Be Kind

This book is one of my favorite things. I've given it as a gift more times than I can count and stock up on copies every time it goes on sale. Such a sweet and beautiful book.
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Way to Play Toys

Rubber Road

This is one of the most amazing gifts and is great for hours of imaginative play. These rubber roads are durable enough to be used as outdoor toys, too.
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Anything that promotes physical activity is always great. Balance bikes are wonderful, but my kids always prefer riding their scooters.
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Color Your Own Stickers

The perfect gift for creative preschoolers, these color your own stickers are great for hours of fun.
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Bounce House

One of the best ways to keep an active kid busy when it's cold outside.
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Rainbow Sparkle Markers

The perfect gift for the little artist. What preschooler doesn't love bright colors and sparkles? This is my favorite brand for art supplies.
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Dasher Set

Magnatiles are one of the best gifts for this age group. We love wooden blocks but these get a ton of use in our house.
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Bitty Baby

Baby Doll

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