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2017 no. Ten

Have you ever gone into a holiday weekend feeling like you were about to go on vacation? That was me on Friday. Side projects slowed down, wedding plans came together, and I was able to completely check out for MDW. I even took a lunch break to go wedding dress shopping on Friday! Three days of relaxation, fun, and zero stress were exactly what I needed.

The holiday weekend

I grilled and had wine at Emilia’s, went to dinner at El Che with the in-laws (too early to call them that?), manicures and lunch with my friend Lauren, and got 2 pilates classes in. Monday afternoon was spent laying out on a rooftop with Conor and we grilled for the first time this season last night.

Top 5 moments

1. 3 day weekend! Obviously.
2 Hiring a wedding planner in Paris
3. Drinks with The Everygirl team at St. Lou’s Assembly
4. Spending 23 hours in Houston and meeting over 70 of The Everygirl’s readers at a wine tasting we hosted in the city. Up next: Charleston and Boston.
5. My a video interview for Entrepreneur.

Wedding updates

My feelings about wedding planning weren’t so great.The family stuff I talked about still feels pretty awful but as time goes by, I guess you could say I’m adjusting and trying to distract myself from all of that. Once we hired a planner, everything fell into place. Having someone else handle everything is one of the best things we could have done. Just 2 weeks later and we have a date, venue (it’s very, very me–you won’t be surprised when you see it), and hair and makeup, too. I found a dress at Lovely Bride, our photographer is confirmed, and our Paris hotel is booked.

I came so close to getting the dress in the center of this photo but found something that felt even more classic and timeless. My future mother-in-law and 3 of my closest friends were there with me and while I didn’t have that whole “oh my god it’s the one” because that’s just not how wedding stuff seems to work for me, the dress feels as like me as any wedding dress ever well and everyone loved it. The girls at Lovely were so fun and easy to work with.

In case you missed it

We have a new video series on The Everygirl and are 4 episodes in, so now’s a great time to catch up! And…I’m going to be on the show tomorrow! Catch up here, first.

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  • I didn’t have an “oh my god, this is the one” moment with my dress either. It was the first dress I tried on at the second place of three that day. My thoughts were more along the lines of, I really like this one and it actually seems to look good on me. I didn’t think I’d have that moment that other women seem to have, since wedding planning and fancy events have just never been “me”.

  • Didn’t have the moment either… actually after store #6 and dress #25, I forgot it was even something that happens to people, hah! I honestly don’t enjoy trying clothes on in front of people and have a large chest which is hard to accommodate in dresses… so the whole experience was rather unpleasant. But I do love the dress I ended up choosing and am excited to wear it in one month! 🙂 I also feel you on family wedding drama. I’m trying really hard to compartmentalize the family issues/dynamics outside of my control and not to waste time/energy on losing battles, but its hard. These things hit a nerve, as much as I try not to have hopes/expectations and no matter how “chill” or unfazed I attempt to be. But sounds like things are looking up for you! Good luck, I’m jealous of the wedding planner!

    1. PS. We’re also getting married in France – in the south near my grandparent’s home!