Our second baby turned one recently and she’s not 13 months yet so I managed to get this up while she’s still 12 months old! Since very few people (read: no one) actually knows our girl, I thought I’d share a little bit about her, her schedule, and some of her favorite toys, too. How has it been one year as a mom of two little girls? I can’t believe it. 


One Year As a Mom of Two


I’ve said this in almost every post about our girl on instagram, but she is truly the happiest little person I’ve ever met. She was the light our family needed, and we adore her. I can’t wait to see who she’s going to be because she’s the sweetest little soul. It was love at first sight, and it’s really almost as if she let me know everything would be ok when we first met. There’s something about her – she has the most amazing, positive, calming energy.

It is rare that she is not smiling, laughing, blowing kisses, waving hello, or dancing.

The girl has some serious moves. She will skip her second nap and just enjoy her day – never lets anything get her down. She has woken up once (as in one time total) since she was 4.5 months old. That has felt like a true miracle since sleeping wasn’t exactly her big sister’s thing. she will spend 30-60 min quietly playing in her crib in the morning, so I have to set an alarm to see if she’s awake because I don’t want her wasting an entire hour in a dark crib. I walk in and she smiles and laughs every single morning. Her latest trick has been grabbing the nanit (our monitor) stand and banging it against the wall when she’s bored. 🙄

Right when she turned one, she started to turn into such a little person.

Her animal noises are the cutest – meow is naaaaaaa (with the most darling little pitch). There isn’t a food she doesn’t like (even olives, ew). The girl can eat and if you ask if whatever she’s eating is good she will say “mmmm” and nod her head. She has been using these straw cups for a few months since they do not spill or leak – we love them. Once she runs out of hipp formula, we’ll transition to milk, and will probably do Ripple kids plant based milk, but might try dairy? Will share an update when we know what works for her.

On the move

Our girl isn’t walking yet but she’s crawling all over, tries to climb the stairs, and stands up next to anything and everything. She loves dancing, music, her xylophone, and a good old-fashioned game of peek-a-boo. She says mama, dada, no, “la” (light), I swear she said “green” and I swear she’s trying to say Buddy.

Our girl adores her big sister and leans into her for a hug or kiss any time she’s nearby.

Her open mouth kisses are the best. I’ve always loved and adored her but lately, I can’t seem to get enough of her. This is such a fun stage because she’s starting to really show us who she is, and we couldn’t love her more. It’s been the best year with her, and I’m so excited to see who she’s going to become.

Outfit is lulu and roo.


Our daughter’s schedule at one year:

6:30 Wake up, 4 oz bottle and breakfast. Usually some cut up berries, eggs or birch benders banana pancakes, and yobaby yogurt with a little applesauce. Then we play until nap time. She usually has another 4 oz.  a little before her nap. The last few months, she does better and seems to prefer splitting her bottles up.

9:30 nap. She will sleep for about an hour and a half most days, wake up, and play until lunch.

11:30 lunch. Since her big sister is on the more particular side, the girls usually have grilled cheese, chicken, quesadilla, annie’s mac and cheese, or banza with pesto as the “main” item. She will also have some steamed veggies, fruit, and a little cheese. She plays after lunch (walk, park, play room, or yard) until her nap. she will usually have another 4-5 oz before nap.

1:30 nap. She really only takes this nap when I’m the one to put her down. She hasn’t been letting our nanny put her down for nap 2 for the last few weeks, fights it, and happily plays until dinner, bath, and bed. If she does take a second nap it’s usually for about 45 min.

5:00 dinner, bath, books, bottle (4 oz).

6:30/7 bed. If she naps, she’s in bed at 7 but if she doesn’t nap, it’s closer to 6:30.


Her Favorite Toys

She mostly plays with whatever her big sister is playing with. Our girl loves her food toys, tea set (this one is great for babies and toddlers), minikane dolls, etc. She still puts everything in her mouth so all of her big sister’s”tiny toys” are put away for now, and there are a few she’s allowed to play with in the sunroom or while she naps, but never around her. Here are some of her favorite things.

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