As women and mothers, it is often the case that our health and wellness come last. Before I had kids, I didn’t make sure I drank enough water and got enough sleep. But when we’re not the best version of ourselves, we don’t function very well. Yet we keep going. We talk about burnout, “mom brain,” and all the other stresses women and mothers deal with. Even with a flexible schedule, I prioritize work and my never-ending to-do list over making sure I move my body and get enough rest. So I decided to start really paying attention to how I treat my body, and ordered the Fitbit Luxe wellness tracker. 

My Review of the Fitbit Luxe

I was talking to a friend about how I didn’t feel great. I’m a little puffy, tired, anxious, and feel some pretty intense burnout. She had one of the old Fitbit trackers and eventually upgraded to, and raved about the Fitbit Luxe. These feelings aren’t all entirely new for me, and I’m sure many of you can relate to them. When I sat down to think about how I take care of myself, this was it. Something had to change.

Tracking my health

My Apple Watch tracking felt wildly inaccurate and the battery was always dying on me, so my main reasons for making this purchase were to receive daily accurate information to track my health.  So I took my friend’s advice and ordered the Luxe. She had a good experience with it, and I liked the soft gold and slim design that looks like a simple piece of jewelry. The silicone band is easy to wear – it’s comfortable, water resistant, goes with everything, and wipes clean. 

I should mention that this post is not written in partnership with Fitbit. I paid full price for the Fitbit Luxe. If you use my links, I may receive commission at no cost to you. 

What does the Fitbit Luxe do? 

Fitbit Luxe is a wellness tracker. It tracks your sleep score, steps, workouts (and active zone minutes) and heartbeat. And it’s waterproof, so you never really need to take it off. It also forwards smartphone notifications from your iPhone should you need them. Open up the Fitbit app to sync your Fitbit, and track your health. I will check progress on my Fitbit but usually look at everything via the app at the end of the day. I got the Fitbit because I wanted a more accurate look at what’s going on with my movement and sleep. You can choose from a few clock faces and styles. 

Tracking workouts

The Fitbit Luxe is a basic fitness tracker that is simple and stylish and design, and will track your target heart rate zones while working out. There are various exercise modes so you can choose the right workout for the most accurate tracking and a better estimate calorie burn. If you have a stationery bike or treadmill, it can track bike rides on the Peloton and even syncs with it. Fitbit devices sync right up to the Peloton after a workout – just send your workout over to your Fitbit. 

Tracking sleep

I’ve been staying up way too late and needed something to help motivate me to get better sleep. When I saw how bad my sleep was, I was forced to make a change. To unwind before bed, and not spend too much time awake before finally going to sleep. My sleep quality has been better, and while I can’t always unplug early, it’s pushed me to prioritize getting more sleep. 

Heart Rate Variability

Your Fitbit Luxe will track heart rate trends, including resting heart rate, and how it changes over time. This can help you learn more about your body and how it response to exercise and stress. 

Health Metrics Dashboard

Log into the Fitbit app to sync your fitbit, and use it for heart rate tracking, and sleep tracking, and daily steps. 

Premium Features

Fitbit’s premium membership is $79.99 a year, and I signed up right away. It’s well worth it. Get access to sleep and stress insights, and see your daily readiness score, which tells you what your body needs (more sleep, more movement etc). 

Fitbit Luxe vs Fitbit Charge 5

I can’t speak to the Charge 5 since I’ve never used it, but I went with the Luxe because it’s smaller. The reviews for the Luxe look much better than the Charge 5.

Fitbit Luxe vs. Apple Watch

The battery of the Fitbit Luxe lasts for 6 days vs the Apple You cannot compare 6 days of battery life on the Fitbit to barely making it through the day with an Apple Watch. The battery power is amazing and will let you know when it’s running low. I’ve found that the charge is pretty quick, too. Like the Apple watch, it shows you call and text notifications, but you cannot reply to them from your Fitbit. There are larger, more Apple Watch-like models. I wanted something that felt less like a watch, so this single charge chic bracelet design is perfect for me. I just use it to track everything and then sync it with the Fitbit App.