9 Simple Things You Can Do To Feel Better Today

There are those days when everything goes your way. The sun shines, your coffee tastes better, and you have a productive day at work. Then there are the days (or even weeks) when everything’s off. I always allow myself to feel whatever I’m struggling with but try to turn things around by doing a few things to make myself feel better. Today, I want to talk about 9 simple things you can do to feel better today.

9 Simple Things You Can Do To Feel Better Today


Do something that brings you joy

This is simple but effective. Treat yourself to a latte, take a bath, read a book, or buy yourself some fresh flowers. Make a favorite meal and watch a feel-good movie (anything by Nancy Meyers will do the trick). Turn on some feel-good music, do some gardening, or listen to a podcast. Taking time to do something you enjoy can change your mood for the better. 

Be kind

Text a friend to say hi or let someone going through a hard time know you’re thinking of them. I cannot tell you how much those messages mean on our harder treatment days. Donate $5 to childhood cancer research, to help children in Ukraine, or buy a toy for your local children’s hospital. 

Be productive

I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but checking projects off a to-do list always feels good. Every few months, I’ll go through my daughters’ toys and purge the ones they don’t use, then donate them to a family who can use them. Whenever a new season begins, I go through my clothes and if I pull out something I’m not excited to wear, I donate or sell it. And you know those small projects like returning something to a store or finally changing out a ceiling bulb? You might feel really good after tackling those, too. Less clutter, less chaos, less to do, and more peace. The work isn’t always fun, but it’s usually worth it. 

Practice gratitude

Write down all the good things in your life. Even when things are difficult, there’s always something we can be grateful for. Our safety, health, a home, and families should never be taken for granted. If there’s something you don’t have to do, don’t do it. Sometimes, you need to slow down, not take on the extra project, or skip dinner plans, and that’s ok. 

Move your body

I always feel better after a workout. Go for a walk, take a yoga class, or try spinning. You know what Elle Woods says about endorphins making people happy. 😉

Talk to a friend

Catching up with a good friend will make you feel less alone, and no one gets you quite like a friend. Connecting with someone you’re close to will make you feel better. 

Unfollow social media accounts that do not bring you joy

There’s nothing quite like a good social media cleanse. If you follow someone but don’t “need” to keep up with them, or find yourself not feeling great when they post something, it may be time to unfollow. If you don’t want to offend someone, mute their account so you won’t see what they post. It isn’t possible to stay connected to thousands of people, and all that scrolling can make us feel disconnected from reality. 

Get outside

This is especially life-giving after a long, cold winter. With the weather turning, I’m taking every opportunity I can to spend more time outside. We’ve been getting the girls out on their scooters, and I’ve driven downtown a few times to walk through the city. Patio season cannot come soon enough. Time outside is good for the soul – it will boost your mood and even help you sleep better.