Winter Travel Essentials for a Long Flight

After going on 12 trips and 30+ flights last year–which was a huge change for me, by the way–I learned a thing or two about what to pack and what to keep in my carry-on. I shared some of my favorite products 6 months ago and although these essentials work outside of winter, I thought I’d update the list with some of my favorite items to stay warm and cozy while traveling during winter. Today, I’m sharing my winter travel essentials for a long flight. 

Winter Travel Essentials for a Long Flight


I always bring a tote and carry on. This Cuyana weekender is one of my favorite bags and is perfect for holding your laptop and basically everything on the list above. I throw my tote on top of my Away carry on–it’s light, is easy to pull since it’s on 4 wheels, and it has a USB charger for your phone and iPad.


A good book (I’m reading this one right now), iPad, laptop, a case that’ll keep your phone charged, and some headphones for music or a movie. If you have spotify, don’t forget to download your playlist to offline mode so you’ll be able to play it on the flight. Download a new show or a classic–I keep Something’s Gotta Give, Royal Tennenbaums, and some other go-to favorites on my iPad since I can watch them a few times a year without getting bored.

Healthy Snacks:

Airplane food is the worst, so I always come armed with some of my favorite healthy snacks. I bring enough RX bars for the flight and to have on hand throughout the trip, and will be traveling with my new favorite, JicaChips. If you’re looking for more healthy snacks, I have a list for you here. And don’t forget to pick up a large bottle of water or two. Stay hydrated. And don’t forget your gum and mints, too.

Skincare and Beauty products:

I never get on a plane without making sure my toothbrush and toothpaste or in my carry on. I also carry concealer, hand lotion, lip balm, a hydrating spray or oil, and a rollerball to freshen up before getting off the flight. If you’re going on a really long flight, I’d recommend bringing some face wipes, too.

Cozy stuff:

Maybe it’s just me, but my flights are either too hot or too cold, so I usually wear an oversized sweater and a t shirt underneath. Rag and Bone Jeans are the only real pants I’ll wear since they’re stretchy, but it’s rare I’ll pass up a good pair of leggings. An oversized scarf will serve as a mini blanket or head rest and I bring a fresh pair of socks and an eye mask, too. As far as shoes go, I’ll wear tennis shoes or a comfortable pair of loafers like these or these.


Going somewhere new? Try duolingo. I didn’t spend enough time refreshing my Spanish before heading to South America last year but Conor has been working on his Italian every day and it’s made me want to get back to it.

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