Why We Need to Speak Up About Women’s Rights

Yesterday on The Everygirl, we published a piece on What the Abortion Law Means in Alabama and What You Can Do about it. In the article, we explained what’s happening and shared ways to help women in the states affected by these laws.

My first post shared in instagram stories (on my personal account) shared a link to The Everygirl’s article and a message from me. “I try not to get political but what’s happening in Alabama is not ok. Women’s rights are being taken away from them. I’m lucky to have access to birth control. I got to decide when I was ready to have a baby. Want to know more about what’s happening with abortion laws? Read the piece Madeline Galassi wrote for The Everygirl.”

My mistake?

I try not to get political.

After receiving a very kind and thoughtful comment about how disappointing it was that I said “I try not to get political” I shared something else. I try not to get political online. I vote. I donate. But as someone who would classify herself as liberal, I have found that some (not all!) people who do not see eye-to-eye with me tend to have what I feel are harsh responses that tend to impact me in a negative way. But that’s not a reason not to share something I feel so strongly about.

Then we (as in The Everygirl) received a comment on our post about the issue. “Don’t post political stuff. It’s not a good look on you. Just stick to what you’re good at. If I wanted political commentary on Instagram then I would follow a politician. But I don’t. I follow you for other content. Just stick to your brand. Thanks.”

Don’t post political stuff. It’s not a good look on you. Just stick to what you’re good at.

I have so much to say about that statement. Everyone has the right to their own opinions or beliefs but never at the expense of others. Telling someone what they should or should not talk about via their own platform is incredibly offensive, and the comment itself was (in my opinion) very sexist. If we only did things we were “good at” how would we ever learn anything new? We run two websites for women and covered an extremely important issue that greatly impacts women. Much like when I spoke out against Trump, this isn’t about parties. It’s about women’s rights. About human rights. Finance articles don’t perform the way fashion and beauty do, but we still share them because it’s important for women to be informed. I’ll surely lose followers for speaking out (and already have) but you can’t please everyone.

I am so lucky to have always had access to birth control. That I was able to decide when I was ready to have a baby. That my rights aren’t being ripped away from me.  I’ve never had an abortion and can’t imagine a circumstance in which I would, but I damn well deserve the right to make decisions for my body and will fight for women to have those rights that we fought so hard for over the years. Everyone also deserves education and access to birth control, and the foster care system could use a major overhaul before we force unwanted babies into it. And what about the mental health of the women being forced to carry a baby? It’s all pretty horrific.

Not allowing someone to make choices for their own body or taking away the ability to love who you love, share your life with your partner, or the right to feel safe no matter the color of your skin is never ok. There’s no room for any of that. It’s 2019 and we need to stop taking leaps backwards, and fight for basic human rights. I regret saying I try not to get political (online) and want to make sure it’s clear sharing this would be worth losing every single “follower” I have. It’s just not always easy to share something I feel so strongly about with 50,000 + people I don’t know.

Having this voice and following online is only worth something (to me) if I do something with it. That’s why I share how I’ve struggled or things I’ve gone through I regularly receive messages from women who feel lifted up and less alone because of something I’ve written. The interior and fashion content is fun, but it’s helping people and making a difference that truly matters to me. I owe it to my daughter and I owe it to all of you, too.

If this issue is one that’s important to you, I urge you to read this article and learn more about how you can help.

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