What Major City Would You Live In?

After going from not traveling at all to getting to experience different cities in the US, Europe, and South America, I can’t help but think about other place I’d love to live in–even if only for a short period of time.

I love Chicago and don’t have plans to leave permanently, but the past few years, I’ve felt that itch to spend an extended period of time in another city. Even though I grew up in LA, I’ve always thought about spending more time in San Francisco. Then there’s New York. Sure, it’s crazy and expensive (and crazy expensive) but there’s just something about that city. A few days in The Hamptons had me longing for a beach house on the east coast. A girl can dream, right?

Conor and I hope (ok, plan) on spending at least a few months or a year abroad at some point in the future. Ideally, in Italy, France, or a mix of both, but I’d gladly relocate anywhere in Europe.

If you could live in one city in the states and one abroad, which one(s) would you want to call home? 

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  • Love this! There are a few cities that I really love, but the first that come to mind are Dublin and London. Hands down two of the best places I’ve ever been!

  • I would live in London, in a heartbeat. The US is much harder for me to call, but I think I would say San Francisco too. But mostly I’d want to live in London!

  • New York is definitely the city of my dreams and I would love to live there- hopefully I’ll get one! But abroad one of my favorite cities is Rio and I would move down there in a second if I had a reason to!

    White Silk, Black Leather

  • There really is nothing like travel to inspire more travel. I’d move to London in a heartbeat! I visited for the first time this past spring, and you just can’t beat all the history that’s hiding around every corner 🙂

  • San Francisco in the States – we just left to put down roots in São Paulo and miss it terribly. And while I love São Paulo, I’d probably pick Berlin to live abroad. Maybe in a couple years I’ll find my way there!

    Lindsay Jill

  • Tough one… I’m torn between London and Dublin abroad. I think I’d go Dublin, so I’d have an easier time traveling around Ireland, my favorite country by far, even though I think London’s the superior city. In the US, I always imaged I’d spend a few years in Boston, but that never happened, and now I’m pretty happily settled just outside of DC.

  • Great question! It’s not a major city, but I’d live in Bend, Oregon if I could. I would love to raise our son and daughter there. Internationally, I’d probably go with London, although my partner really wants to live in Asia for a couple of years. You never know where life is going to take you!

  • Since I am already moving to San Francisco next week, I am going to cross that off the list and say 100% New York. Since I haven’t visited abroad, I am just going to have to say somewhere in Italy.

  • US cities I would like to live in one day: New York City and Portland Oregon. International cities: Paris and retire in San Sebastian, Spain. And a summer cabin in Norway! I live in LA and last year my husband and I traveled through Europe for 87 days. It was the best thing we have both done, and it fuels us daily. You will not regret it and it will change you for the better! It doesn’t sound like you need much convincing though. We plan travel for an extended period in Asia eventually.

  • I think I want to be in Chicago long-term, but would love a few years in the West Coast just to know what it’s like to have a 80 degree weather in December!

    PS – you guys should stop in Greece if you go to Europe (and end up going in the Spring/Summer)! Have a million recommendations for you 🙂

    Christina |

  • I loved living in Chicago until I moved out to the east coast! Now I’m not sure I could move back! Boston and NYC are definitely on my list. I would love to live in San Francisco as well! Internationally, I would love to live in Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Lisbon, Amsterdam, or Copenhagen!