What I Packed for a Week in Portugal

This post is 2 months late but since I did some of my best packing to date for our weeklong trip to Portugal, I figured better late than never. I spent about an hour throwing my favorite basics into a suitcase and we were off.

My outfits were simpler than ever–I wore the same thing a few times but when you only pack classic pieces, it just works. All black, white, and grey–shocker–so everything worked together for the most-part, and was perfect for mixing and matching. Keep in mind we traveled in March so temps were a bit chillier. If we left now I’d throw some shorts and dresses into the mix, but it my list would look a lot like this one.


White Button Down

Classic and timeless–great for day or night. PS this is the greatest silk top I've ever owned.
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Nice top

Dress this silk tee up or down for day or night
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Anine Bing


A camisole for layering
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J. Crew

Striped Top

A turtleneck, tee, or tank. Just bring something with stripes.
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J. Crew

White Top

I'd pack one nicer white tee and casual one, too
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Black Jacket

A black jacket–leather, blazer, or a nicer bomber that'll take you from day to night.
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Club Monaco


Always bring something to keep you warm in case temps drop a little bit. Lightweight and easy to travel with.
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AG Jeans

Distressed Skinny Jeans

My favorite (and most comfortable) distressed jeans.
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Skinny Jeans

They're stretchy but don't get too stretchy after wearing them a few times
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Black Skinny Jeans

A 3rd pair of jeans to mix things up (and because I was so nervous I'd spill something on another pair and not have any pants).
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White & Warren

Cashmere Travel Scarf

The perfect oversized blanket scarf
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Crossbody Bag

I brought this bag but would recommend a crossbody that zips when you're in crowded areas.
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Matt Bernson

Serra Slides

I walked all over both cities in these and my feet didn't hurt at all. They're so comfortable!
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M. Gemi


A good pair of mules that are comfortable enough to walk around in but nice enough to wear to dinner
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What destination would you visit next?
What pieces would you add to this list? 

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  • Thank you! Going to Paris in August and needed a “capsule” packing list.

  • This is so helpful! I am going to Portugal in June and I am planning on sticking to a similar colour scheme with some blue or navy as well. Did you bring your DSLR with you on your trip? If so how would you recommend carrying it around in Europe?

    1. Hi Jaclyn,

      I just stuck with my Fuji XT1. It’s so much smaller and easier to carry around. I did bring my DSLR to Portugal last year and lugged it around–mostly on my neck. Worth it but such a pain to carry.

      Hope that helps!

    2. You’re going to LOVE it. I just shot with my fuji xT1 but brought my DSLR to Portugal and it was a pain (but worth it). Ultimately I decided to travel a lot lighter for this trip and am glad I did.

  • Lol! I smiled when I saw the colors in your recommendations. I am a color girl so it is quite unsettling so many muted colors. Lol.

  • Would you mind linking to the white button down and the scarf? For some reason, it reroutes me to your website when I click on them. Thank you!!

    1. So sorry Jess! There was a glitch in the code, so both should be working now. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

  • I love silk tops but HOW do you pack them without getting them all wrinkly?

  • Did you do this in a carry on or Away’s 25″?

  • What do you suggest using for curling irons and flat irons in Europe? I have read mixed reviews about dual-voltage products and converters. I am leaving for a two week trip next week and don’t want to fry my irons. Thanks!

    1. I’ve always used my normal ones with converters and have never had an issue.

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