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Toddler Bath Time Essentials

Toddler Bath Time Essentials

Bath time can be both fun or exhausting. Some toddlers love it while others…do not.  From watching your toddler like a hawk to attempting to rinse their hair when they just won’t look up (you’d think they’d catch on) – it’s a lot of work, but with the right toys, can be a lot of fun.  Get your kids involved! My 19 month old loves throwing her toys in the tub as the water runs, likes helping clean up, and loves choosing her pajamas after bath time. Here are some of the things we love and use during bath time. 

Toddler Bath Time Essentials


Drip Drop Cups

Practice nesting, pouring, and containing with these stackable cups.
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Marcus and Marcus

Mold Free Bath Toys

Any toy that fills with water can collect mold, so I choose squirt toys that open up for easy cleaning.
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Ice Cream Cone Bath Toy

This has been a huge hit with both girls.
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Light-Up Bath Toy

The girls love glopals!
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Green Toys

Eco Friendly Tea Set

This tea set isn't technically a bath toy but it's waterproof, so it's great for bath and sensory play. Bonus: the tea pot is great for rinsing shampoo.
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Toy Storage/Drying Bin

I'm kind of a stickler with bath toys and mold, and this storage bin allows all water to drain out into a separate bin that's easy to clean.
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Bath Mat

We had the skip hop bath mat and it was great until we had two kids in the tub. This gives full coverage so it's a better long-term option.
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Skip Hop

Whale Spout Cover

This soft but tough spout cover will protect your toddler during bath time.
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I’ve been using Tubby Todd products on both my kids since they were born, and swear by them. The brand gives back and makes some really wonderful products that work well on sensitive skin. 


Nail Clippers

I've been using these since day 1 and have only had one slip, accidentally pinching one of the girls. I'd say they work pretty well.
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