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The weekend has come to an end and it’s time to dive into another week of work. Instead of feeling sad it’s not Sunday, why not try planning something fun before the holiday weekend? It’s still summer after all, so find the nearest patio, a friend, some rosé, and turn things around. But before we can go out and have some fun, we have a workday to get through, and sometimes it just takes a funny dog video or a peek at what’s new from Club Monaco to brighten your Monday. This is where I come in. Let’s do this.

First, the world’s greatest rescue dog. And this smiling dog. And please take 3 min to watch what might be the greatest TV show about dogs.
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As always, I’m starting the day with an almond milk latte at my desk in my favorite cup. On my agenda this week: visiting Kelly and baby Emma today (and shooting something in Kelly’s bathroom for The Everygirl), lots of Flywheel, the start of an exciting interior design project, wrapping up something for Rue Magazine, a rosé tasting, a friend’s birthday, co-working with friends, and The Everygirl team is moving into our new office! I’m also really looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend.

The former editor-in-chief of Domino Magazine’s home on The Everygirl

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How to make butter out of anything

These sunglasses in navy and white. And the new sunglasses I’ve been instagramming lately. E3726_BL8133_d4

Rebecca Atwood’s new bookScreen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.20.36 PM

This ottoman from West Elm’s new collection. Also, West Elm’s new collection. Ok, this too.fontanne-upholstered-ottoman-rectangle-o

This trench. And my favorite trench from last year is currently on sale.p24308526_lifestyle

The fact that I finally understand why everyone loves Khaleesi so much. I’m a few episodes into S3 and she’s just so good but this show making me very anxious. The murder and sadness, guys. Ah.hbz-khaleesi-hair-04Khaleesi photo via | Rebecca Atwood photo via

What’s something you’re liking or looking forward to this week? And if you have any non-violent show recommendations to mix in with GOT I’d really appreciate it. Help.

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  • I’m looking forward to September! I’m overdue a holiday and as soon as I’m done with my last exam tomorrow, I have PLANS to have a life!
    I love your favourite cup too, it’s gorgeous! I’m currently watching The Big Bang Theory – short and sweet but there are so many episodes…
    Otherwise, I’m thinking about rewatching Dawson’s Creek – so much drama and dialogues! Good luck for the move to the new office, Clem x

    1. KELLY why do you have my face?! This is so weird. Haha. But can’t wait to see you and Emma!

  • The West Elm ottoman took my breath away (literally); WOW! I have the brass/pink benches from Target (2014?) and I just love them to pieces; tufted fabric and brass is always a winner though, isn’t it??

    I would highly recommend White Collar. It’s my binge watching go-to; it’s smart, whitty, and has Matt Bomber (always a plus) .

    1. Yes, always! Thanks for the TV rec! I’ve heard good things about that show!

  • ah, that photo of buddy is too cute! and i’m obsessed with that trench i’m mostly looking forward to labor day weekend, heading to a friend’s house on the water! as for show recs, if you haven’t tried parks & rec, it is the perfect contrast to the gore of GoT!

  • For a new show, not so violent, but suspenseful …. House of Cards?! Love the trench!! Love Buddy too! HIs face popping up in your photos is way to cute.

    1. Oh, I’m a season behind! WHY did I not think to start that up again? Thank you!

  • Based on your love of Flywheel, have you ever heard of Peloton ( I love spin and I love fitness classes, but it was always so much extra time beyond the 45 or 60 min class dealing with Houston traffic to get to and from a good studio. I also have a restricted schedule that limits which classes I can make it to around my 60-hr a week work schedule. My husband found Peloton for me, we bought a bike, and I’m hooked. It is expensive upfront, but the classes (both live streamed from New York and on-demand) are soooo good, and if you average 3 classes a week it pays for itself, assuming $20 per class. It looks like the technology is very similar as well. I don’t usually promote things, but I’m hooked and it sounds like something that is right up your alley!

    1. I guess I didn’t finish my thought there: at approx $3000 upfront for the bike and a year subscription to the classes (mandatory), it averages about $250/month for the first year. This is equivalent to about 12 classes per month at $20 per class . After that, it is just $40/month for the class subscription.

      1. Thanks for the info, Elizabeth! That’s definitely a big expense upfront but if it’s something you use, is well worth it. I personally like going to a class. It gets me out of my home and my head to a fun, distraction-free place where I can’t do anything but work out. 🙂

  • Love this post! Such an exciting week you have ahead!
    I’m excited because this is my first week as a full time blogger!!! Can’t believe it!
    Came from Venezuela with NOTHING two years ago and now I have a blog and I do what I love! Is this real life?
    Also, I’ve been watching the Gilmore Girls!!! Gotta get ready for those new episodes launching in October!!
    PS: Obsessed with your photos!!

    1. Hi Aimara! Congratulations on going full-time! That is a HUGE accomplishment. And rewatching GG is such a good idea. Love that show!

      1. I was about to suggest Gilmore Girls as well – can’t wait for November 25th! And I guess it would balance out all the GOT violence pretty well 😉