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I relaunched my website back in February and my new shop in June. And in case you missed it, which you probably did because I only posted about it once, I finally added lots of new products under home, fashion, and beauty. It is my goal for this shop to be a resource for you guys, so if there’s anything you want to see more of, please let me know.

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I want to give a shout out (and thank you) to Andrew at Digital Kwarts for making the concept of this shop–and all the ideas/updates I’ve envisioned for my site–come to life over the past few months. If you’re looking to update your blog or website, I can’t recommend Andrew enough.

Here are some of my new fall favorites 


Eau De Merveilles

My go-to scent for fall and winter for the past decade or so.
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Loeffler Randall

Rider Satchel

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Loeffler Randall

Coco Mules

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Roar and Rabbit

Swivel Chair

Currently $200 off!
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Serena & Lily

Alpaca Throw

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What would you like to see added to the shop?


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  • This is a totally random question, but in the past year or so, I’ve started wearing more neutrals. I love black and oatmeal, but would love to incorporate more white. I don’t have a problem keeping stains off of my white items, but I noticed that after a few wears, the white begins to look dingy, and what was once a fantastic piece, is anything but. I almost steer clear of white now because I just can’t justify the investment. What are your thoughts on successfully buying white and keeping the pieces looking beautiful?

    1. I’ve found that cotton and jeans tend to get a little discolored, but haven’t had an issue with nicer items if I take care of them. I think it’s just part of the territory when it comes to whites though. There’s definitely a shelf life.

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