The Best Faux Holiday Greenery That Sells Out Every Year

There’s nothing quite like fresh garland – the look, smell, and feel can’t be beat. But after just a few weeks, it’s a crispy mess – dry and brittle with needles everywhere. I was invested though and one year, even replaced the garland on our mantel after a few weeks. I’m sharing the best faux holiday greenery that sells out every year. You can see our full holiday home tour here. 

The Best Faux Holiday Greenery That Sells Out Every Year

Two years ago, I decided to scrap the real garland and bought a few faux strands for our staircase. It took calling multiple stores to find whatever was in stock because by early November, it had sold out online. The garland is already on backorder, so if you want it, now’s the time to place an order. I did some extensive research for the perfect garland and this is it.

Why faux holiday greenery? 

I love the smell of fresh greenery for the holidays, and I do add a touch of it throughout my home. But it’s painfully high-maintenance. The tree is crispy by the time Christmas rolls around, refilling water is a pain, and there are needles everywhere. 

I really wanted to add real garland to our stairs, but with hands constantly on the railing (including the hands of 3 year old) it would have been a mess within a week. So I invested in some quality faux garland. It looked fantastic, I lit a holiday candle, and didn’t have to deal with a mess. 



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