The Everygirl Turns 6 and a BIG Announcement

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ve heard the story, but I love a good anniversary post and this one’s a little different since there’s a BIG announcement for our growing company. In August, 2011, two 20-something Chicago bloggers who barely knew each other (My cofounder and myself) sat down for coffee to discuss a shared dream – one to inspire creative, career-driven women like us who were trying to figure their lives out. I spent my 20s so, so lost, and wanted to be inspired by real women like me.

On 2.22.12, that dream was realized when we launched The Everygirl.

Six years, 4 full-time and 2 part-time hires, so many (amazing) interns, 00+ regular contributing writers, an office, 2 site redesigns, and almost 35 million readers later, we were ready for a new chapter. Yes, 35 million. For reference, there are 39 million people in the state of California.

We bought the domain years ago, but now that we’re pregnant this site is a resource we both need, much like we needed The Everygirl. And it turns out our friends need it, too. I’ve spent months asking friends for advice because at the end of the day, I want to hear from moms like us who are trying to balance career, finances, relationships, their homes, and now, parenthood. We spent months preparing. Talking to moms to find out what they’ve learned, the issues that are important to them, and what they feel is missing in this online space.

I am so excited to announce the upcoming launch of The Everymom.

We are in no way experts and like The Everygirl, this isn’t about us. We want to hear from you – your ideas, stories, and how you’re preparing for or facing motherhood.

I had just moved from LA to Chicago, was running a graphic design business, and it was just me and Buddy against the world (ha) working from my little apartment. I spent that first year working a full-time job all while running the site, and paid ourselves nothing for well over a year. Not “nothing” in the sense of a low salary but literally zero dollars. It was a passion project and was worth all those nights I worked until 2AM. Now I’m 35, married, and have a baby girl on the way. I know there’s no way to really prepare for how much life is going to change, but I am so excited for this new resource to help guide me along the way.

I received a bunch of career Qs from you guys on instagram but decided to save them for another post, so I’ll work on getting that up soon. But for now, here’s a post about how we launched and grew our site, and another recapping my favorite memories since launching The Everygirl.

Head over to The Everymom to sign up to be notified when the site is live, follow us across social for for teasers and giveaways leading up to the launch, and here’s a letter from the cofounders talking about our new site and information about a new position at The Everymom because WE’RE HIRING! 

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