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2017 no. Nine

The past two weeks were sort of a whirlwind, so much that I “temporarily misplaced” (code for lost, if you didn’t get that) my credit card and favorite White & Warren cashmere scarf. The card hasn’t been used so I’m convinced it will turn up someplace extremely random. I’m pretty sure I left my scarf in an Uber but hope both make an appearance soon.

Chances are you can all relate to feeling like there’s just too much going on. When you’re doing what you love it feels worth it but burnout is burnout. Fortunately, I’ve found an amazing new workout amidst the craziness but I’ve been tired. So much that I crashed at close to 9PM three times which is crazy early for me.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

The Everygirl

We launched a new video series that I’m really excited about! Here’s episode 1! 

Things ran as smoothly thanks to our amazing team. I spent that time organizing an upcoming event in Houston (sign up here), multiple brand partnerships, shooting a few things for the site, hosting an event, and working on getting some website issues in order. It felt like a lot.

The web team we hired with didn’t test things the way they should have pre-launch and there have been what feels like endless mistakes for us to deal with, mostly on some backend stuff.

Things turned around Friday when we scheduled a last-minute interview with Chelsea Handler who is seriously the coolest. We didn’t get a photo but we recorded the interview and each got a hug so I’ll take it.

Caitlin and I hosted an event at Nordstrom on Saturday. Once I got home, I didn’t leave the house (or couch) again until Monday, except for one pilates class.

Side projects

My personal life usually falls by the wayside when projects pile up but fortunately, it’s never like that for more than a couple of weeks. For some reason, these sponsorships come in groups of 3 and 5 with tight deadlines, and there was no exception the past few weeks.

I finished up this post with JR Watkins and this one with QuickBooks. so my home and finances are cleaner and more organized than ever. Wish I could say the same for my life.

Then I worked on the biggest personal campaign ever with Katie Kett Photography, Emilia Jane PhotographyShannon O’Brien makeup, and my hair stylist, Blake Christensen. I had my hair and makeup done in my kitchen and the whole time I was like who am I?! More on that soon.

My friend Marie sent over this amazing blazer from 2 Penny Blue and my hair and makeup were done so Conor and I went on a date to RL after the shoot because it’s not often my hair and makeup look like this. Actually it’s never. I never look like this. I had some store credit saved up and got this leather jacket for about 1/3 the normal price. It’s pricey but so worth it–a gorgeous investment piece. 

Something I’m Struggling With

On to the real stress that I sort of touched on but can’t fully dive into right now. A family member that should have been happy and supportive about our engagement has been extremely unkind and what some might call cruel. This behavior has nothing to do with Conor and everything to do with this person not supporting me–something that’s been a recurring issue when it comes to happy milestones in my life.

It’s honestly felt awful. So sad and isolating and I don’t know how to deal with it. To those of you with “difficult” family dynamics, know you are not alone. I am right here with you and really feel for you. I’ll share more soon and think I’ve figured out how to do so after a chat with my friend Jess Lively. She always knows what to do.

And Some Misc. Good Stuff

I’ve been on a spray tan kick lately and can’t recommend Glamour Girl enough. I’m not getting anything out of this other than sharing a very good thing, so if you’re in Chicago and need some color tell them I sent you for $10 off your first tan. 

This photo was taken at an event I hosted a yoga event with KellyJess, and Blair in my new favorite Lululemon tank and pants. This photo makes me want another tan immediately.

Finally, this happened and my heart exploded. I tried to get Tuck in the photo but he growled at me so until he enjoys gazing into my eyes like this dreamboat, expect to see a lot more Buddy. In case you missed it there’s this video of him being perfect too.

I think that’s it for now.

Can anyone relate to having difficult family dynamics?

Do you have something you’re struggling with that you want to run by a stranger on the internet? Email me or leave a comment below! 

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  • Sucks your having some personal issues with your engagement. And that photo of Buddy is hands down my favorite. I wish Pork would lay on her back for cute pics, she NEVER is on her back unless she’s scratching her face into the carpet… weird dog.

    xo Jessica

    My Style Vita

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Buddy is THE BEST. Haha. Love the little guy so much. Pork is such a cutie–I love her. xo

  • I’ve been married almost 12 years and I can still remember vividly the stressful family dynamics of wedding planning. My parents were divorced and they did not speak to each other AT ALL…my mom was dealing with many personal issues of her own and was estranged from her own family and I could go on and on. I did not have the “fairy tale” experience of wedding dress shopping with her and a group of my best girlfriends..she couldn’t afford to throw me a shower and I think she felt badly about that, etc. All this is to say that YOU are not alone and that I appreciate you sharing so I know I wasn’t either. I can say that 12 years later that the good memories of that day have been what remains. Hang in there.

    1. I think we idealize this fairy tale and that’s just not how life works, which is why I want to put the focus on my marriage and not some day that will be over in the blink of an eye.

  • The picture of your dog is absolutely precious. Series pet photo goals. Sorry you are feeling so low with family dynamics issues. This kind of stuff usually happens. It happened at my brother’s wedding. You know what I do? Don’t give a crap. Hope this helps!

  • You are so busy, yet you always take the time to recap and share the highs and the lows! I admire you so much. I hope you find a resolution (and some peace) with your difficult family situation soon. Keep on keepin’ on!

  • I emailed Glamour Girl after you posted that picture on Instagram – I’m super pale and always feel like spray tans look really fake on me, but yours looked so good so I’m excited to try them for a wedding I’m going to in June, and to hopefully use them for my own wedding in November. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • I am going through the same thing regarding my wedding and it is so stressful. Honestly I feel like it’s a more common situation the people think but no one has the strength to talk about it. Thank you so much for speaking out. It’s a terrible situation but it’s nice to know we aren’t alone.

  • YES to the difficult family and friends! My now husband and I recently eloped and what should be one of the most joyous times of our life is quickly turning into an absolute nightmare. As it turns out, when you choose to not do things per “tradition” the people in your life are downright nasty in return. We’ve been recipients of cruelty from everyone including family and (those whom we thought were) best friends. I share your feelings of isolation and I’m sorry that you, too, are experiencing this unnecessary pain.

  • It is really hard when a close family member turns on you. I experienced this a few years back with someone in my immediately family, and it crushed me to realize that this individual was never going to be the person I wanted them to be. My advice to you would be to focus on the fact that it is this person that has the issue, not you. Don’t let them win by spending too much time feeling upset by what they have said/done – if they want to live life negatively, that’s their business. You have an amazing future ahead of you with your fiancé, and people can only affect that if you give them permission. 🙂 Sending you all the good vibes!

    1. I’m sorry you experienced something similar. It’s the worst feeling and it’s never “easy” but it helps to know that it has nothing to do with you. Sending you good vibes too!

  • Those poppin pens are everything! Is the ink black? I’ve had my eye on the white and pink ones for years but I’m obnoxiously committed to fine point BIC blue ink pens.

    Sending good and calming thoughts through your family situation. This is a terribly difficult month for people who don’t have great relationships with their Mom; I’m really struggling. I do watch a ton of baseball though, and there aren’t a lot of Mother’s Day commercials there, so that’s one plus. Pretty much just avoiding the mall like the plague and waiting till next week to do online shopping for an upcoming trip to Boston.

    The sun is finally out after a week of gloom, so that’s also a plus!

    1. Yes, it’s black! I’m so sorry–I’m sure it’s such a tough time. Stay off social media this weekend for sure. (although you’ll probably appreciate my post).

  • I can absolutely relate. Don’t let anyone get you down about the positive things happening in your life. You can’t fix them, and trying to do so would just be a waste of effort. I have to remind myself of that constantly when dealing with the difficult people in my life. Unfortunately it doesn’t get easier, I just am able to deal with it better, if that makes sense. Sending all the good vibes and hoping that people will stop raining on your parade.

    1. This person isn’t going to change but I need to learn to better cope. Working toward that and hope it makes me stronger. Sorry you’ve had to deal with something similar.

  • So, I am huge fan of Jess Lively- and my wedding planning wasn’t the smoothest of processes either. She was in my head the WHOLE time- remember to listen to what your intuition tells you is right for your wedding- what’s right for you and your fiancee deep down. At the end of the day, that’s who it’s about- and you need to feel good and excited about what you’re doing. My intuition turned a big weekend wedding into a 12-person beach affair- and we don’t regret a minute of it.

    1. It’s never smooth, is it? You’re so right about listening to what’s right for me/us. Your wedding sounds EXACTLY like what we’re going for (down to the # of people, although we might be at 16?).

  • I just wanted to say I’m sorry to hear a member of your family has made you feel that way. For whatever it’s worth, you’re not alone. I suspect every person who has commented here has something right now that makes them also feel sad and isolated. I hope you feel like some of that sadness is being shared, even by strangers. Be well.

    1. Thanks, Jessica. It’s so hard and can feel so isolating, so if sharing my story can help others I suppose it’s all worth it.

  • Danielle- your honesty is always such a breath of fresh air. Jess is a great person so seek advice from (I’m obsessed with her podcasts!) so I’m happy you can count on her as part of your “home team.” Family dynamics can be utterly defeating and emotionally draining but as they say,…”this too shall pass.” I hope it passes quickly.

    1. Thank you, Maura. Every time I talk to Jess I feel like I like a new person. So lucky to call her a friend!

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