My Interview with Entrepreneur

A few months ago, I stepped outside my comfort zone and sat down for an on-camera interview with Ximena Larkin. We talked about my untraditional career path–one that started with designing blogs in my bedroom back in Los Angeles and led to running The Everygirl with our full-time team of 5 and a part-time director of brand partnerships out of our West Loop office. I touched on everything from starting and growing the site to creating content content, and how I’m aging out of our target demographic. Because that’s happening.

I’m so uncomfortable in front of a camera but fortunately, I didn’t look at the PDF that would have told me the interview would be on, so there was a lot less pressure. As soon as we wrapped the interview, I asked what the interview was for and it hit me. People were actually going to see this. My awkwardness aside, I’m so happy with how it turned out. Let’s just pretend my shirt isn’t pulling from the mic, ok?

Read the entire transcript here.

I’m also sharing some advice from a 30-something on Advice from a 20-Something. Thanks for kicking off this new series with me, Amanda!

Do you have any questions about my career? Leave them in the comments below! 

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  • Congrats! Great Interview…so proud of you!

  • Great Interview! I have a question, you said that you are aging out from the Everygirl target audience. I’m in my thirties too and I’m a frequent reader of the site. For the future, do you think the content will grow up as the audience does?

    1. Thank you! Our target audience is 25-34 and we have readers that are older and younger, that’s the range most readers fall into and I’m turning 35. We include content that applies to women in their 30s and even 40s though!

  • You did great on camera, I am a fan but I would actually say hearing and seeing your voice on camera made me even more invested in you and your brand. You should be on camera more.

    Anyway, now I am dying to know what story Alaina didn’t love that went viral!

    Also curious what your thoughts are on narrowing your brand before you go live with anything in the lifestyle space or if a little bit of everything works. Lastly, how much content did you guys have before you went live?

    1. Thank you! I’m SO uncomfortable on camera but that’s nice to hear. Maybe I can work on stepping outside my comfort zone a bit more?

      It was our fashion essentials story! We weren’t sure if it was too obvious? But people loved it. We had 5 stories ready to go and spent a solid year or two scrambling. Everything felt last-minute.

  • You might have felt uncomfortable, but you looked confident and calm! And the interview had some great advice. Thanks for sharing.