Moving On

This is the start of a new chapter, and it’s one that I am excited to share with you. The sale of my half of The Everygirl is now finalized. I am no longer an owner and am no longer a part of The Everygirl or The Everymom. 

At first, I stepped down to get Margot through treatment with a plan to return in early 2021. The decision to step down was a privilege that I am grateful for. Walking away from a successful, growing business is probably not what most people would do, but I’m not most people anymore. I know each day isn’t promised. I know what it’s like to live in a hospital. To know each day is a gift.

Life is different. I’m different. I only have it in me to focus on what matters and what I enjoy. Having both Anecdote and my blog made the decision to leave a lot easier. I have two things I am excited about that I can work on with flexibility. 

There’s so much less pressure now. I love working for myself, taking on the partnerships I want to take on, posting when it feels right, and flexibility. My days are slower, I’m less stressed, taking better care of myself, and I have more time with my girls. Life feels really good. 

I am a little nervous but mostly excited to share this news with you. I’m proud of the community I helped build, the connections I made along the way, and the women that were a part of our team throughout the years. This is a good thing and was the best decision for me and my family.

Thank you all for your support. 

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  • Wow, Danielle. This is a huge accomplishment and decision. Way to align your choice with what matters most to you in life. You’ve made a choice I know a lot of people would be proud of.

  • Thank you for sharing your journey to this decision. I know it couldn’t have been easy, and I’m wishing you the best in this next chapter!

  • Congratulations on making a decision that works best for who you are now and your current priorities! Feeling less pressure since moving in a different direction, professionally and otherwise, is personally relatable. Continuing to follow along as your evolution continues. It’s nice to get to do it. Been here since TEG launched. Onward…

  • Congratulations Danielle 🎉 What an amazing accomplishment! I’m excited for you and all that is to come in this next chapter! 😘😘

  • Congratulations! Thank you for modeling what we should all be doing but find it hard to do – prioritizing living and appreciating what life has given you.

  • All the Best for your future! May you enjoy your more stress-free time to the fullest!!