Late Summer Style

There’s that thing that happens as we inch closer to September. The air feels like the same, but a few trees have already started changing colors, and it’s knowing that summer is fleeting. I’ve started to feel a shift – a need to get outside and make the most of these warm summer days and wanting to make our home cozy since this is where we’ll be all fall and winter. I’ve started looking at fall styles (love this stripe sweatshirt tee), sweaters, and deeper fall tones. I even ordered another pair of lululemon align pants in copper. Every year right around this time, I find myself not quite ready for fall, but missing my jeans and ready to snuggle up by a fireplace. I know I’ll regret saying this in a few months, but I’m a little over the heat. 

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  • These are absolutely gorgeous picks! I will definitely be snagging the J Crew sweater and Splendid lounge set. Thanks for being our fashion inspiration!

    1. Danielle, I love you, I really do (currently wearing the white Everlane linen pants and black tank thanks to you), but that brown mock dress? Girl, just no. Noooooooooo.

  • So, I’ve always avoided the Rothy’s, they seemed rather “mommy” to me (which, incidentally, I am one, I just try not to look it!) The loafers are cute enough to make me reconsider, not to mention the washable aspect–and they look comfy for teaching in. But how to style without looking Mom-like? Help!

    1. Hi Christianne! I saw your comment and had a thought – maybe if you styled them with trendier pieces it might help avoid the mom look. I’m thinking straight leg jeans with a puff sleeve top, a fun maxi dress, or a shacked even – if any of those things feel true to your personal style!