How We Met

I used to wish that Conor and I had a romantic story about how we met. You know – a meet cute straight out of The Holiday. I shared the story of how we met earlier this year but now that our wedding weekend is one month away, thought now would be a good time to share it again.

Why? Because dating is not easy, and these stories are the ones that need to be told.

We met on Tinder.

It was the middle of May 2015 but finally felt like summer and I was at the pool with my friend and wedding photographer Katie. I had just downloaded Tinder after taking yet another break from the app and quickly matched with Conor.

If you’re not familiar with Tinder, you’re able to see the friends you have in common on Facebook. His instagram profile was private at the time but we had a few friends in common so I had one send some screen shots over. He seemed normal enough and I thought he was cute, but assumed, like every other guy, that he “wasn’t looking for anything serious” (news flash: he wasn’t at the time) but thought I’d go out with him anyway.

Turns out he was at my yard sale a few days earlier but I was out on a coffee run and missed him.

Conor knew about The Everygirl (via a mutual facebook friend) was which saved me me from having to explain what I do. Super awkward when dating. And more important, I knew he wasn’t a serial killer and let him pick me up at my place. That’s a big no when dating online, but it made things feel a lot more first date-ish.

We went to Sportsman’s Club for drinks and after a few hours of talking, ended up getting dinner at The Dawson. I heard from him the next day and the following evening, he came to a concert with me and a few friends. Conor canceled a date with another girl that weekend and we both deleted tinder, and 4 days after we met, I met his mom and stepdad. I know, I know. He happened to have plans with them and we had spend the whole day together, so he invited me to join. I didn’t have plans and knew the guy 4 days, so why not?

I never wondered if he was interested or when I’d hear from him. Ever. Not once did I pine over reaching out and I’m a serial piner. But really, one of my friends calls me a pine tree. No one is too busy to text or call you for a week. If someone is interested and wants to see you, they’re going to see you.

We actually told people we met at a yard sale those first few months but eventually embraced our story. So much of my life is online that it would make sense I’d meet someone that way, right? I know how exhausting dating and apps and deciphering texts can be, and my story is a reminder that these apps do work.

Our relationship is obviously not perfect and we’ve had our bumps in the road like all couples do, but the past almost 2.5 years have been the best years of my life. We lived 5 minutes from one another and he was at my yard sale, but it took Tinder for us to meet. Our own modern day meet cute.

Have you tried online dating? Have any questions about it? I’d love to hear more in the comments below!

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  • My husband and I met on OKCupid just over 7 years ago. It was when online dating had just started becoming more popular but it still seemed like a crazy thing to tell people we met online. I told everyone we met at a beer fest. It took me years before I told anyone the truth, including my mom. I didn’t tell her until after we were engaged (4 years later) and she still said “he could have been a serial killer!” Now I tell people we met online and I know many people that have met their significant others online.

  • I needed to hear this. I’ve heard you mention tinder before but the part about not pining and no “is he interested” anxiety is exactly how you know he’s a keeper. So happy for you guys! I’ve been swiping for years (literally) between 2-3 apps and it’s exhausting so success stories like yours tell us all to “just keep swiping” (my favorite little motto). Congratulations! Hope the Paris wedding is beautiful!

  • This is such a cute post! And so funny. I have a number of friends who met their S.O. on Tinder and started out with a fib about where they met, but then eventually embraced the true story. Your story is amazing! And honestly as long as you are happy, it doesn’t matter how it all began.

  • My sister met her BF on tinder but fibbed for a while saying they met through mutual friends that went to the same college as him. Now they have me on tinder yet I haven’t been successful at all. I message and no responses. One day at a time!

  • I love this. 🙂 My husband and I met on Yahoo Personals 13 years ago this month! (I don’t even know if they still have a personals site.) We lived a mile from each other, and we had several friends in common. He’d even visited my college campus when visiting some of his friends (who were mutual friends). It’s amazing we didn’t meet any other way!

  • Needed to read this success story today. I am also a piner – and am looking forward to meeting the guy who let’s me shake that habit! 😉 wishing you two all the best!