Home Tour Update: One Week to Go

Guys. We’re finally photographing our home next week–just a few months late–since travel, work, and planning our wedding got in the way of finishing up. It’s been mostly done for a few months but wasn’t styled. So I scheduled a date, then booked 2 back-to-back trips, rescheduled, and we’re finally a week out.

And for the first time since launching The Everygirl, I am not shooting my home for our site. Let’s discuss.

Conor bought and renovated our home. Yes, we moved in on the same date and I helped pick out paint, lighting, hardware, and decor, but it was ultimately his project, and he owns it. Answering “how did you find your current home?” with “my fiancé bought it” or “tell us about the renovation process” with “Conor did that, too” didn’t feel right for The Everygirl.

Not running my home tour on The Everygirl didn’t feel right either, so I am planning a holiday home tour in a few months. This will give me a chance to focus more on Christmas decor and less on the renovation, and it’s an excuse to cover everything in wreaths and garland.

Next week, our good friends John and Maura Stoffer (interior/wedding photographers) are shooting our home for one of my favorite publications which I am really excited about.

And yes, I will let you all know when it’s live.

Our home has been mostly finished for months, and the recent additions of a new bedroom mirror and living room rug  had me finally feeling ready to shoot this place. This week, the empty picture frames are being filled with photographs from our travels (there have been five big, empty frames hanging up for months), and I am in the process of styling our nightstands, dresser, coffee table, and kitchen shelves.

Let’s talk about the styling process. Everything looked ok but unfinished–at least for a home tour. Styling something for a photo shoot does require some work since it’s really all about those details. Any changes I make this week will be permanent because I want the photos to reflect what our home really looks like. It just usually takes getting a shoot on the books to motivate me to finally get it done.

Here are a few things I’ve added to our home.

Gilt Mirror

Our new gilt mirror transformed our bedroom. This one is currently on sale for $250!
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Marble Tray

I finally caved and got this for our dresser (styled with sunglasses, perfume, and watches) and it's perfect!
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Glass Shadow Box

I bought this for our dresser (and filled it with sunglasses)
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Baies Candle

Shooting used candles never looks as pretty, so this was an excuse to pick up a new one of these.
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Inlay Box

My open shelf nightstand was a mess, so I picked up this beautiful inlay box to hold all my stuff.
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Shades of Grey

I ordered 2 new design books for the media console and coffee table.
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Vintage Silver Tray

I ordered a silver tray from Elsie Green for our kitchen counter that now houses our olive oil and vinegar.
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Olive Oil

Home tours are an excuse to splurge on fancy olive oil (with pretty branding)
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Wood Cutting Board

I picked this up for the kitchen and can't wait to start using it.
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New Body Wash

This might sound crazy, but now is the time to splurge on pretty body wash for the shower.
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New Towels

A new set of fluffy, white bath towels.
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Throw Blanket

A new throw blanket since the two we have aren't that pretty and have been stolen by our pups.
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Fresh Plants and Flowers

Home tour time calls for a replacing dead succulents in my terrariums (yes, I know how that sounds but it's a thing) and a few fresh flower arrangements.
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Do you have any questions about the process that you want me to write about? Leave them in the comments below! 


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  • Love these picks. So helpful, too – I like to think I’m pretty good at picking neutral staple furnishings, but styling is where I compleeeeetely fall apart when it comes to decor. Thank you for the inspo!!

  • Your house is just amazing ❤️

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