Getting Ready to Fly

We’re two weeks away from leaving for Portugal and I’m determined to do a better packing job than my last few trips. Last summer, I went from Italy to France and just assumed it would be warm in Paris since it was so hot in Italy. Wrong!

I didn’t do a terrible job packing for Denmark but my ankles were too cold in my sneakers so I bought some Uggs. This time around, I’m going to get it right. I’ve been doing a little online shopping for new sunglasses, a few tops, slides (because a girl can dream), some layers, and (hopefully) a pair of distressed denim.

Here are a few things on my list

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  • Are you able to share your Portugal itinerary? Considering planning a trip there for September! Thanks!

    1. I don’t really have one yet but we’re working on it and I plan on recapping the trip here.

    2. We’re doing 4 days in Lisbon and 3 in Porto but haven’t finalized everything yet. Planning a post about the trip after I get back!