Find a Friend in Your City: October 2017

In March, April, and August of this year, I helped connect my readers with one another. Last night, I heard from a reader in Boston who is trying to adjust to life in a new city. Back in 2010, I moved from Los Angeles to Chicago and didn’t know anyone here, and my blog was the best resource for meeting new people, so it’s time (again) to use my blog to help you.

But before I do, let’s talk about these two girls and how I met them, because who doesn’t love a good friendship story? Jess was my horrible ex-boyfriend’s neighbor in Santa Barbara (and the only good thing to come of that relationship). I was leaving his place one day and saw her outside, so I pulled my car over, we chatted for a minute, and I asked if she’d want to get together sometime. We’re going on almost 11 years of friendship.

And then there’s Jessie. We actually featured her on The Everygirl years ago when she was a producer at Windy City Live, so we kind of knew each other but about 2.5 years ago, right before Conor and I met (and I was dating that guy with the secret wife, baby, and girlfriend), I walked past her at Soho House, we said hi, and ended up co-working. Jessie and her husband became two of our closest friends and didn’t hesitate to travel to Europe for our wedding.

I’m sharing these stories because you never know when saying hi to a neighbor or sitting down next to someone (or messaging a complete stranger through a blog) will result in a lifelong best friend. But right now, we’re going to turn to the internet.


Leave a comment with your city in caps and share a little bit about yourself. Before leaving your comment scroll all the way down to see if someone else has mentioned your city. If you see your city, reply to their comment to keep everyone together. If not, leave a new comment.


CHICAGO! I’m Danielle and have been living in the city for 7 years. I’m one of the founders of The Everygirl, have 2 rescue dogs, and love interior design and hibernating with a good movie during winter. Hoping to make new friends in the city! You can follow me on instagram: @daniellemoss_

Feel free to comment on this post on instagram, too, since that’s such an easy way to connect!

Please message me on instagram if you end up meeting someone!

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  • SAN FRANCISCO! I’m Michelle and I moved here from San Diego in August. I love dogs (especially big ones), baking, and am always down for a Nancy Meyers movie marathon. You can follow me on Instagram: @michelleannwilk

    1. SAN FRANCISCO too! I’m Emily and I’ve lived in the bay area for almost 5 years. I’m originally from the Midwest and work as a designer at a Fintech company downtown. I really enjoy exploring new places in the city and typically do that through coffee, restaurants, or drinks. I weave in my spare time and love trying other new creative hobbies. My insta is @emilyhampton

    2. SAN FRANCISCO/MILL VALLEY, CA! I’m Kristin and I moved from SF to Mill Valley a few months ago. I’m still in the city almost every day for work, but I love having amazing hiking and trail running right out my door in Mill Valley. I have lived in the Bay Area for 5+ years, but my group of friends is slowly dwindling as people move away to be closer to family or find more affordable places to live. I love being active, cooking, drinking copious amounts of wine, and dogs (I have a 3 year old French Bulldog). You can follow me on Instagram: @kristinrolph

      1. HI Kristin! I’m Gillian and I’m new to SAN RAFAEL, and am enjoying exploring the area! I’d love to do some walks/hikes, but don’t know where to go and don’t want go alone. You can find me on instagram: @tealandshadow

    3. SAN FRANCISCO! Hi I’m Stefani – I am moving to SF at the end of November from Chicago, where I have lived for the last 7 years with my husband. I love cooking, traveling, and exploring new places. I am looking forward to exploring our new home, but would love to meet new friends to help ease the transition. You can follow me on instagram: @stef_radist

    4. SAN FRANCISCO/ EAST BAY – Hi, I’m Marina and I’ve been living in the Bay Area for about a year and a half by way of D.C. and L.A. I’m in the meeting and event planning industry, I love to travel (I just got back from a trip to South America), hiking, being a foodie, and watching movies. I would love to explore more of the city and meet some new friends! My insta is: @marinaaadelrey

    5. SAN FRANCISCO/EAST BAY- Hi, I’m Alyson and I moved to SF from Chicago in June! I moved out here for work and without knowing anyone so would love to meet some new ladies! I love trying new restaurants, exploring the city, hiking, workout classes(anyone else like SoulCycle?!) My instagram is: @alysonmarie

    6. SAN FRANCISCO! Hi I’m Katie and I moved to San Francisco last month afternoon living in DC for 4 years. I love exploring new restaurants (especially any wine bar!), hiking, music and traveling. I am excited to meet some new friends and explore the beautiful Bay Area! My instagram is @katie_elysse-let me know if you want to get together!

  • SÃO PAULO, BRASIL (probably a long shot!). I’m Lindsay and I moved here from San Francisco about three months ago with my husband and our cat and dog. I enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, and blogging (when I have time). I’m on Instagram at: lindsay.jill and my personal blog is:

  • PHILADELPHIA I’m Elizabeth, artist, writer, high performance driving instructor, Border Collie mom. Hopelessly addicted to Chanel shoes, cashmere and good coffee. Travel when I can, but particularly love London. I’m on Instagram @e30m3speedy

    1. HEY! I’m colleen! My husband and I just moved to philadelphia (roxborough specifically!) and bought a house that needs some TLC. we have a sweet English mastiff and I consume copious amounts of coffee! Let’s be friends!! I’m on Instagram @sincerelycolleen_

  • SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY! I’m Cathy and I’ve lived in the North Jersey area my whole life. I’m a homebody working in content marketing and a bewbie to indoor cycling. I am currently decorating a new apartment, trying to cook more (my BF usually does) and planning a trip to Italy next fall. I’m on Instagram: @catjmendez

    1. MARLBORO, NEW JERSEY!! I am not far from you! Just followed you on Instagram! I am a freelance Event Planner and working on photography! My Instagram: @_travelist_tracysayswhat

  • NASHVILLE, TN! I’m Lane, a writer and content strategist. I’ve lived here for a little under three years and I’ve found the city to be a treasure trove of smart, creative, driven ladies. Always looking to expand that community (preferably over drinks or dinner at a new-to-me Nashville restaurant) so feel free to reach out. I’m on Instagram at @lane.harbin and my personal blog is

    1. NASHVILLE, TN! I’m Kim, and I work full time in higher education and part time as a barre instructor at Neighborhood Barre Nashville. I’ve lived here for 2.5 years and I have just LOVED the community I’ve found here, including the creatives, as I’ve pursued a couple of side hustles along the way. I love exploring the great food and the great outdoors here and I’m always down for a yoga class (followed by biscuits of course). Feel free to reach out if you want to join me! @kstrugs on Instagram

    2. NASHVILLE! Hi Lane, I moved to Nashville 2 years ago and am stilll looking for that special tribe of friends like I had back in KC. My insta is @rlbwoods and I’d love to explore new NAS restaurants with you!

  • BOISE, ID! I’m Kelly and I moved back to Boise about a year ago after being in Nashville, TN for awhile. I love music, good food, new adventures, hiking, all the fun fall things! 🙂 I would love to meet some new people and chat over wine or good food. Message me via instagram if you want to meet up @kellyborchers

  • BOSTON, MA! I grew up in Charleston, SC but moved to Boston 10 years ago for college (Go BU!) and never left. I’m a catering manager for a hotel and I’m always down to try new restaurants or visit old favorites. My husband and I like to cook and entertain too 🙂 My Insta is @elliebdurbin

    1. Hi Ellie, I grew up south of Seattle, WA but am on my way (literally in a hotel in South Dakota) to Boston. My husband will be going to school out there and I know no one! I love trying out new restaurants, coffee shops, parks, anything to explore the city. My insta is @chanelglowe and I’ll be sure to follow you too! 🙂

      1. BOSTON, MA! Hi Ellie and Chanel! Moved to Boston about 5 years ago from Providence, RI. Currently live just outside the city with my husband. Work in marketing, love trying new restaurants and always happy to meet up for a glass of wine or coffee. Love the idea of meeting new people in the area! My insta is lorienkb.

      2. Hi Boston ladies! We have a Boston DM going on instagram from the last find a friend post 🙂 I will add you ladies to it as we are planning a holiday get together!

        I am Andrea and live in the South End with my husband and two pups. Have been in Boston for 5 years now and am originally from Florida. I’m an attorney and love making new friends in the area!

      3. Hi all! I’m a little late to the party too! I’m Erika, and I’m also an attorney originally from Florida! I moved here a little more than four years ago and would love to meet new people. I live in Back Bay and love trying new restaurants, movies. My instagram handle is eri_kane9.

      4. Hey Andrea, I’m a bit late to the game but could you add me as well! I’m new to Boston fresh off a year in France, originally from Washington, DC. Would love to meet some friends with great style! I’m on insta at alicelhahn.

      5. Hi Boston ladies! I just moved here from Chicago with my boyfriend and puppy. Would love to meet new friends in the city. Trying new restaurants and hot spots are a favorite. My instagram is lizzinout. Would love to connect! – Liz

    2. Hi fellow Boston ladies! I’m originally from upstate NY but have been living in Boston for the past 6 or so years. I work in Human Resources, but in my free time love interior design, reading, wine tasting and trying new restaurants + cocktail bars! My IG is @_courtneyma 🙂

  • CHICAGO, I’m Amy and I’ve lived here my whole life. A true city girl at heart I’ve lived in downtown Chicago for 12 years! I work a corporate finance job by day and work on my true passion (a life, style and fashion blog) on nights and weekends. Always open to making new friends who love to brunch! Find me on Instagram @latereverafter or my blog

    1. Hi Amy! I’m going to check out your blog. I live in Chicago as well.

    2. I live in the western suburbs. I’m @erincl123 on Instagram. Just started following you.

    3. Hello there, Amy. I moved to Chicago in July. It’s my second time living here. The first time I moved here was September 2014, to enroll in a year long fellowship program during a long career sabbatical. I lived in three different neighborhoods that year. After bouncing around a bit, I’m back and living in my own place in Gold Coast, which I love. I peeked at your blog. Your “about me” strongly resonates. I’m a late bloomer, old soul, and planner/scheduler too.

  • DALLAS, TX! Hi there, I’m Elyse and I just moved from Chicago to Dallas with my boyfriend. Starting out in a new city where you don’t know anyone can be tough, but so far I’m really liking Dallas. I love cooking, playing with my golden retriever, and have a huge passion for traveling and planning trips! I’m also a foodie and love trying out new restaurants! Would love to chat and get to know some ladies in the DFW area. My IG is @elyseengerer. Let’s connect!

    1. DALLAS here too! Hey Elyse, welcome to the wonderful state of Texas! We are happy to have you! I am definitely not new to Dallas, as I have lived here on and off all my life, but I love meeting new people! I love to travel, spend time with friends, watch sports and drink wine. My IG is @rickib5

      1. Hi guys! I live in the DFW area, too. Still consider myself somewhat new, even though I’ve been here for almost a year now. Love coffee, travel, running and food. My Insta is @kristenackerman — would love to connect!

    2. DALLAS as well! I love love love trying new places to eat and mini road trips while bringing my cameras along As I’m wrapping up my last year of college, I’m realizing how I haven’t had the chance to do any of those things! my instagram is @msmuric, hope to catch you girls soon!

    3. DALLAS also! My name is Madison and I live in downtown with my fiance, Nic! I love traveling, trying new foods, running the Katy Trail/working out, all things coffee, and Saturdays spent at the dog park! My IG is @mladymon. Let’s be friends!

    4. DALLAS – adding to y’alls feed! I work at an advertising agency and love to run, travel and read a good book. Would love to meet some new people! IG is @courtneyschier.

    5. we’ve got a pretty good group here in Dallas! my IG is @zillgitt.thyme.

      the uptown area has some great restaurants as does downtown and a few other neighbourhoods. hit me up!

    6. DALLAS – Hi all! My name is Lily and my husband and I moved to Dallas about 8 months ago and live in the downtown area. I was working for a local magazine until recently starting a graduate program in architecture. I love trying new restaurants, a good cup of coffee, and catching Soulcycle classes on the weekend. Would love to meet new people! My IG is @lily_corral.

  • TRAVERSE CITY, MI! Hi I’m Taylor! TC has been my new place of residence since April but northern Michigan has always been my home (Cheboygan is true hometown). After graduating from Central Michigan University (CMU) December 2016 I set out to find a job in the TC wine industry and now I currently work at Brys Estate on Old Mission Peninsula with Marketing, Social Media, and Hospitality responsibilities! I love sharing wine and homemade meals with friends, am always down for a trip out to the Dunes for a hike, and during the summer I rode my bike downtown more than I drove there! I also work out at the Y if anyone’s looking for a workout/accountability buddy…Lord knows I could use one! My IG is @taylorlopiccolo.

    1. Ooh, Traverse City! ???????? I moved here this past winter from Grand Rapids. I’m always looking to meet new friends here!

  • LOUISVILLE, KY. Hi! I’m Colleen. I moved to Louisville from Chicago about 1.5 years ago. I didn’t really know anyone in Louisville when I moved, but I’m slowly but surely finding my way around. I love cooking and baking, going to OTF and trying new places for happy hour (best way to try out $$$ places for $) with friends! I love to travel and am working on a trip to Ireland this spring. My IG is @collwade 🙂

    1. Hi Colleen! I’m originally from Chicago too! I moved to Louisville in 2015 to start school and love it here! I’ve really been wanting to try OTF, so it’s nice to hear you enjoy the studio here! I’m also so jealous of your trip to Ireland, that sounds so fun! I followed you on insta, mine is @JoArrigo 🙂

      1. Hi ladies! I’m originally from Indy and moved to Louisville about 2.5 years ago for my first job out of college. It’s been exciting and crazy and frustrating then back to exciting! i love all the restaurants here and Colleen, i’m a big fan of happy hour as well! I’d love to try some new places with you guys! my instagram is @farintaylor 🙂

  • RICHMOND, VA – I’ve lived here for 7 years after moving around a bit after college. I’m married with a one year old son, rescue border collie and deaf cat. I went to Virginia Tech and love a good wine and movie or game night, trying out new restaurants in the area and travel (just got back from Greece!) Feel free to add me on instagram! @heather_beale

  • CHICAGO! I’m Mayra I’ve lived in Chicago for 10 years. I work downtown as a legal assistant, and on my free time I’m a freelance writer / travel blogger. I love to have a glass of wine after a long day, explore new places of the city, and I’m always down for brunch. All my girlfriends have moved away 🙁 and it’s hard to make friends when you’re always working. My Instagram is @mayra.88.o

    1. I live in the western suburbs! Don’t make it to the city that much. I love wine as well, i work for a wine distributor. I’m married and love watching movies with the hubby.

      my Instagram is @erincl123

      1. Chicago Suburbs! My name is Tiffany and I’m in the Western Suburbs too! I am married with step-kiddos and two cute pups, and am looking for some girlfriends in the burbs. I moved out of the city about 2 years ago and have found it hard to meet friends out here.

        My instagram is @tiffanyjane___

    2. CHICAGO! Hey! I’m Araima, an HR & Operations Director that’s lived in Chicago for 3 years. I love exploring Chicago’s culinary scene, cooking, yoga, and my lab mix rescue, Emmy. I work, live, and play in West Loop but love exploring surrounding neighborhoods. Feel free to reach out on insta (@araimaisabel)! I’m always happy to meet new girlfriends.

      1. I love the West Loop! I don’t spend enough time there.

      2. CHICAGO! Hi Araima! My original post is above. I work downtown and live in the West Loop area as well. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @hybth

      3. Hi Sunny! I also live in the west loop and work downtown. Feel free to follow me on insta at @aliciavought

      4. Hi Araima! I also live in the west loop and work downtown for united airlines. I love traveling and trying new restaurants in the area. Feel free to reach out on my insta @ aliciavought

    3. CHICAGO! I’m Teagan. 🙂 I have lived in Chicago for 8 years and currently work in Automotive Marketing downtown. I live in the Gold Coast and just turned 30. Most if not all of my girlfriends are either married or in serious relationships, and I am looking to expand my friend group. 🙂 I love trashy television shows, brunch, college football, exploring different neighborhoods and Chicago’s food scene! Instagram: @ttteagan

      1. Hey Teagan! I just turn 29 woot! I live in Lincoln Park. What’s your favorite place to have brunch?

      2. Hey Teagan! My full comment is above, but I wanted to let you know I requested to follow you on Insta. Also, I’ve never seen anyone else with their handle styled like mine with the triple first letter (I’m @bbbeckster), so I feel like that’s a really good sign! 🙂

      3. Hey Teagan, I also live in Gold Coast, and have a similar situation with my friend group!

    4. CHICAGO! I’m Bethany and moved to Chicago from Providence RI about 7 yrs ago. I live w my boyfriends in Lincoln Square (just moved in together, before I also lived in Lakeview) I work in Business Development for a salon right now. Love cooking, also a fan of wine, very into skincare and shopping is my cardio, but kind of want to get into Soulcycle which is way easier with a buddy. Insta- bethanyc808

      1. Hey Bethany, I am addicted to SoulCycle, really can’t recommend it more!

      2. I am horrible about working out, but I did a Soulcycle class and actually liked it! Dark room, great music, I mean yes to all that

  • SAN JOSE, CA I’m Ashley and I just moved to San Jose in July from Chicago with my boyfriend. I moved here for a job and would love to meet some new people! I recently graduated from college in May from Indiana University and I love to cook, try new restaurants, go wine tasting, etc (I’m pretty easy going!). I would love to meet anyone in the Bay Area and my instagram is @ashhammel

  • CHICAGO! I’m Jess, and I am a recent grad who just moved to Chicago! I am starting my job at a public accounting firm. I am trying to meet some new girlfriends and branch out outside of my college friend group! I am SUPER into exploring Chicago, eating food, drinking wine/coffee! Life is busy, but having good girlfriends is super super important to me! Instagram: @jessmerdes_

    1. CHICAGO here too – welcome to the city! I’m Anna, also a recent college grad. I work in Marketing downtown and LOVE everything you mentioned in addition to hanging with my cat, Theo. Instagram: @annatonarely

      1. CHICAGO also!
        I’m Becky. I moved here in July to realize my lifelong dream of living in a big city, and to further my career in the commercial interior design field.
        I love exploring the city by foot, bike, transit, or car, and am so glad I discovered Danielle’s Instagram just in time for this post, because I could definitely use some pals to check out new places with!
        Insta/Twitter: @bbbeckster

      2. CHICAGO! I’m Sunny and I have been living in the city for 10 years now. I’m an architect currently working at an engineering firm downtown. I have two cute cats and live in the West Loop with my bf. I’m on the artsy-fartsy side, looking for a friend who appreciates art, coffee dates, laid back museum or shopping/antiquing outings. I also love catching live shows and would love to make a new concert buddy! You can follow me on Instagram: @hybth

      3. CHICAGO! I’m Dana. I moved to Chicago 4 years ago from Florida and work in finance in the Loop. I live with my dog, Jax, in Lakeview. I am looking to expand my friend circle and would love to meet people. I love to try new restaurants, grab coffee or a glass of wine, explore the city and watch anything on Bravo. Insta: dmral

      4. CHICAGO! I’m Bethany and moved to Chicago from Providence RI about 7 yrs ago. I live w my boyfriends in Lincoln Square (just moved in together, before I also lived in Lakeview) I work in Business Development for a salon right now. Love cooking, also a fan of wine, very into skincare and shopping is my cardio, but kind of want to get into Soulcycle which is way easier with a buddy. Bravo- Yes, Dogs- I tell people that I’m on a puppy clock, not a baby clock. Insta- bethanyc808

      5. CHICAGO! I’m Sarah. I am from the Chicago area, but moved back to the city 2 years ago after living in DC. I work for the University of Chicago, but live in Gold Coast. I love going out to eat, going to breweries, and movie & wine nights. Insta: sarahabram

      6. CHICAGO! I moved here 3 years ago from Venezuela and I’m in love with this city -winters and all! I came here to get my Masters in new media and digital marketing and now I’m working for a non profit. I’m also a yoga teacher and a vegetarian foodie (yes, that’s a thing and you would not believe the super yummy stuff I’ve tried since changing my eating habits). Let’s meet up for coffee, hot chocolate (’tis the season!) or wine 🙂 Insta: aiperezti

  • DETROIT! I’m Kayleigh and I’ve been living in Detroit suburbs my whole life. Currently in Redford, I work at Lawrence Tech and when I’m not working i’m taking long walks with my two dogs or hanging with my boyfriend! Would love to meet new friends! Instagram is @llcoolkayy

    1. Hey Kayleigh!! I live in Allen Park! I work in the auto industry and also am a photographer and DJ. IG account is @haintsor

    2. Hey, Kayleigh! I live in Royal Oak! And I also love taking walks with my pup and hanging out with my boyfriend. 🙂 My Instagram is @samanthasmallish

  • HOUSTON,TX! BABY! Hi. I’m Yolonda, and I’m a Houstonian. I’ve lived here my entire life. I am a full time realtor and editor for Style Fragment. I have a dog name KOSPI, he’s amazing! I love anything design, interior, design build, graphic, you name it I love it! If you live in Houston, let’s connect! You can follow me on Instagram: @stylefragment

    1. HOUSTON,TX Hi! I am Leslie. I recently moved to Houston from Canada with my husband and two cats. I love anything health and fitness related, fashion and good food/wine/beer. I am always up for an adventure and trying new things. Would love to chat and get to know some ladies in the Houston area. My IG is @leslieluvsshoes

  • ROSEVILLE, CA! Hi, I’m Kelly! I’m originally from the Midwest but moved to SoCal a couple years ago for love. My boyfriend and I recently relocated to the Sacramento area. I love dogs, exploring new cities and just having girl time with good conversation! I am on IG as k_cole!

  • SAN DIEGO! I’m Sigal and I just moved to sunny SD from a just as sunny Tel Aviv, Israel. I moved here for work and live by downtown. My fur baby, Stella is joining me in a few months. I work in marketing and would love to meet new people to make San Diego feel more like home! Feel free to reach out on FB/Insta/Twitter – all of which are under my name: sigalstark ????

  • SEATTLE, WA! I’m McKenna; I moved to Seattle from Washington, DC in June with my fiancé. I travel a bit for my work as a consultant, but otherwise love hanging at home, exploring restaurants & cocktail bars, and getting out of the city – and of course, planning our wedding! Would love some friends to explore the PNW with! Instagram is @mckennabegin

    1. Seattle/Bremerton, WA: Hi! I’m Caitlin; I moved to the area from Portland about a year and a half ago with my boyfriend. We live in Bremerton and I commute into Seattle everyday on the ferry. It honestly feels like I’m in Seattle more often than I’m at home! I love the city and take every opportunity to try new restaurants and bars. I also love getting outside and exploring with our golden retriever. I’m a huge music (of all types!) person and wish I took more advantage of all the artists that come through here. Instagram is @caitandcoast (our golden retriever can be found @schmidtdoingstuff haha)

      1. SEATTLE, WA 🙂 I’m Marie and I just moved for a job from Orlando! I’m loving the city so far but I’ll admit, it’s a little cold compared to Florida 🙂 I love to explore and try new things. Karaoke is lots of fun and I love taking cooking and lettering classes. I really enjoy the arts even though I’m not the most artistic person. I don’t know many people here so I hope this will be a great opportunity to do so! Find me on Instagram @mphd0719.

    2. SEATTLE! Planning to move to Seattle from the Bay Area in spring (originally an east coaster–grew up in Maryland, lived in DC!), so adding you ladies on insta to follow PNW adventures in advance! I love being outside (especially hiking in the mountains), craft beer, checking out new restaurants, tending to my many plants, and I’m really hoping I can find a place that will let me have a pet in Seattle! ❤️ My insta is @sosarahsays.

    3. Seattle, Wa; I’ve lived in Seattle for 10 years but a recent breakup has opened up space in my life for new friends and experiences. I work downtown and live in South Lake Union. I have a dog, Pluto, who I spend most of my time with. I would love to go to events with new friends at places like the SAM, Pacific Science Center, MoPop, etc. My insta is @cjeanharrington

    4. SEATTLE! Hi ladies! I’m a native Seattleite living on Capitol Hill with my dog, Olive. I love to travel, explore new restaurants and bars, and ski. I’m also spending a lot of time on home improvement projects these days. You can find me on Instagram @meghaninseattle. It would be fun to meet up over coffee or drinks sometime!

  • WASHINGTON, DC! – My name is MacKenzie and I have been living in DC for about two years, but I am looking to expand my circle of friends. I love books, photography, politics, flea markets, new restaurants and a good glass of sangria. Hoping to make a few new friends in the city! You can connect with me on instagram: @mackenziecondon_

    1. DC! Hi I am Lovi. I have been living in DC for about 5 years. I love traveling and exploring new places! I am also a huge foodie and love trying new restaurants and would love to have that glass of sangria. find me on insta @lovelylovi14

  • WILMINGTON, NC! Hi, I’m Meghan and I have been living in Wilmington, NC for the last three years. I am looking to make new friends, especially since I work from home. I love running, my dog, food and wine and traveling.

  • BALTIMORE — I’m new to the city so looking for friends to explore it with! I work in health care. Still haven’t had crabs (the kind you eat). ????

    1. Hey Lauren! I moved to Baltimore from Chicago like 3 months ago. My instagram is itskellflan if you want to DM

    2. Hello! I moved to Baltimore just this week. My instagram is @amypurt.

  • NEW YORK CITY! I’m Virginia and I moved to NYC 6 weeks ago for a wonderful new job. I work in gemology and love going to the movies, trying new restaurants, happy hour, going to live performances (symphony, ballet, musicals, etc.) and at-home pampering sessions (face masks ftw). Follow me on instagram @schneidervj ! I only know a few people here and would love to make some new friends!

    1. NYC – Hi Virginia, great to e-meet you! I also just moved to NYC (week three!) and I only have a small handful of friends in the city so would love to meet more people. I work in marketing and enjoy going to galleries and museums, exploring new neighbourhoods, food and wine, Netflix, antiquing, design… the list goes on. I’ll follow you on Instagram now 🙂

      1. Hi there NYC ladies! I’m Nicole, just moved to NYC this summer and would love to meet a few new people! I also love exploring new spots in the city and great food/wine. I’ll follow you on Instagram Virginia, I’m @npoirier11

      2. Hey there! I’m Mary Martha – MM for short. I’m a Manhattan native, went to college and grad school here, and have been here ever since (we were going to move to London, but then Brexit happened)! I work at HBO, and live with my fiance and our rescue pup. Even though I have roots here, so many of my friends have settled in other cities, and it’s always good to meet new people! Happy to explore the city or suggest great wine spots! You can find me on Insta @mandm1110 if you want to DM – it’s mostly just dog pictures at this point. Nice to meet everyone!

      3. Hey there! I’m Mary Martha – MM for short. I’m a Manhattan native, went to college and grad school here, and have been here ever since (we were going to move to London, but then Brexit happened)! I work at HBO, and live with my fiance and our rescue pup. Even though I have roots here, so many of my friends have settled in other cities, and it’s always good to meet new people! Happy to explore the city or suggest great wine spots! You can find me on Insta @mandm1110 if you want to DM – it’s mostly just dog pictures at this point. Nice to meet everyone!

      4. Oooh, do tell about these great wine spots. Would love to check one out!

      5. Hi, I’m Jenna! I grew up in the suburbs and have been living in NYC for a few years, but I’m always interested in meeting new people and exploring the city. I’ll follow you all on Instagram now.

      6. Hi all! Love the idea of this! My name is Julianne and I’ve been living in NYC for a little over three years now. I like to run, cycle, try new restaurants, watch movies, listen to live music, and I’m usually always up for trying new things! My IG is @nielsenj3 … looking forward to meeting new friends 🙂 !!!

    2. Hey Fellow NYCers – I’m Lauren and I moved here in January for work with my boyfriend from St. Louis. I live in Chelsea and love how easy it is to get to all neighborhoods from there. I love traveling, trying new workouts, going to concerts, and shopping – but i love staying at home and cooking or reading as well. I’d love to meet new people who want to do activities that don’t necessarily revolve around drinking and partying (even though I enjoy that occasionally as well 😉 ) I’m lauren_ashley44 on IG if anyone wants to meet up!

    3. Hi! I’m Emily, I moved to Brooklyn last year from Seattle with my husband and two dogs. I am greatly enjoying getting to explore the city and it’s endless possibilities. I love reading, book store browsing, concerts, art, coffee, cooking and cocktails. It would be great to meet some people, you can find me on IG @emsmall.

    4. Hi everyone, fellow new New Yorker here. Would love to meet all of you.

    5. Hey New Yorkers! I’m Shea, I’m originally from Long Island but I’ve been living in Brooklyn for 4 years. I’d love to make some more girlfriends in the area that are up for yoga and wine nights! IG @shea_g_b

  • TORONTO! I’m Kathryn – originally from the East Coast but have been in Toronto for 6 (holy crap!) years. I work as a custom cabinet designer so kitchens are kind of my thing – designing them and cooking in them! I’m lucky to have a good mix of coworkers, inlaws and group of my boyfriend’s friends that’s have adopted me but I’m missing the girl time and don’t get back home so often anymore. Give me a shout if you’re interested in grabbing coffee/wine/cocktails/beer/eats, checking out gallery/museum, or going on other adventures 🙂 find me on Instagram @kathrynmdougherty

    1. Hi Kathryn, I’m Danie I don’t live in Toronto but I do live on the east coast! My IG is @daniedoiron

  • NEW ORLEANS! I’m Caitie, I moved to New Orleans from NH to go to Tulane and basically never left! I like to go running in Audubon Park (mainly to see/pet all the dogs) and I just started spinning. I live in the Irish Channel and work downtown. Anyone else in NOLA?! Instagram:@bugzie11


    I’m Angie and an Arizona native. I work as a content writer for a FinTech company in Scottsdale. I have a black cat, love trying new places to eat and exploring AZ. I graduated from ASU in 2016. Since graduation, most of my friends have moved out of state and I’m looking to make new friends in the Phoenix area!
    You can follow me on instagram: @AngieSchuster

  • BLOOMINGTON/INDIANAPOLIS! I’m Breanna and a 2nd-year MPH student at Indiana University. After growing up in rural southern Indiana, I am loving the “city” life and the variety of activities that are available to enjoy. As I’m hoping to move to Indy or the surround area within the next several months, I would love to make some connections beforehand! You can follow me on Instagram: @_youngbreanna

    1. Hi Breanna! I’m Kami, I live in Carmel. I’ve got a BA in Econ from IUPUI and am a data analyst for a bakery. Yes, I get free donuts every day, it is a blessing and a curse. I’m originally from California and moved to Indiana to be with my husband. I love meeting new people and would love to hang out some time, drop me a line on IG! @kamif0rnia

    2. Hi Breanna/Kami! I’m Holly and I just moved to Indy this summer. I actually have an MHA from UNC so yay public health. I’m a director in veterinary medicine now so while I don’t get free donuts, I do get to snuggle puppies and kittens. I’m around insta/twitter @heyheyholls

  • WILKES-BARRE/SCRANTON, PA! I’m Kayla, recently moved to PA but a Midwest girl at heart (Go Hawks!) l love a good cup of coffee in the morning followed by an even better glass of wine or beer in the evening. I have a PR/Marketing degree, hence I love meeting new people! Give me a shout if you want to hit up a yoga/barre class, brewery/coffee shop or adventure with me and my (coming soon) puppy! Instagram is @kwolthoff

  • LOS ANGELES! (SANTA MONICA) I’m Hilary, and I’ve been living on the westside of LA for almost 6.5 years. I’m finishing up my second (and last!) year of grad school, becoming a marriage and family therapist. I love listening to audiobooks during my commute, going out dancing, biking on the beach, and meeting new friends. My instagram: @hhvreevree

  • LOS ANGELES! I’m Carla I’m a native Angeleno! I live in Hollywood, have my own business, love dogs, the grove and movie nights. Always love togather with new ladies in the city! You can follow me on instagram: @herbusinessboutique

    1. Hi Carla, nice to meet you! I live in Santa Monica and have been in LA for the past 7 years. I’m in grad school (becoming a marriage and family therapist) but I used to own my own business as well. Meeting up with new ladies in the city would be so fun! Following this thread =)

  • COLUMBUS! I moved to Columbus after I graduated college so I’m one of the few people I know that didn’t grow up here or go to college here so I know what it feels like to move to a new city with few connections (I’ve been in Columbus for quite a few years now). I love beauty, fashion, and photography. I’m also currently obsessed with Pure Barre. I also have a lifestyle blog that keeps me busy!

    Brittany |

  • ATLANTA! I’ve been in Atlanta (Edgewood) for 5 years now – originally from NC. I work in corporate finance and volunteer with a couple local non-profits. I love dogs, travel, and trying new fitness classes!

    1. Hi Jessica, I know this was posted awhile ago, but I’m in Atlanta (Virginia Highlands). I’m originally from Chicago, also work in finance, love dogs and traveling! My instagram is @dshively07 if you’d like to get in touch

  • CLEVELAND, OH! Hey I’m Olivia – born and raised in Northeast Ohio. I’m currently working at a marketing firm downtown, specializing in social media. At home, I’ve got an amazing boyfriend and our recently adopted rescue retriever/boxer fur baby. I enjoy writing, interiors, a good cocktail and traveling! I’d love to make a few new like-minded friends in or near Cleveland! Instagram is @oliviagruntkowski Cheers!

    1. Hi Olivia! I’m Kelsey and I currently live downtown Cleveland, and work in PR/Corporate Communications. Seems like we have some similar hobbies 🙂 My Instagram is @kelseylibera.

  • CHARLOTTE, NC! Hey, I’m Christina and I’m new-ish to Charlotte. I’ve been in town for a little over a year. My husband I just started a small biz, but I also work in Real Estate! We are constantly navigating small business life, I also run a “life blog” called (en)courage. We also have a blind pup who we adore! We’re constantly on the go, which has made connecting with people here in CLT a little difficult! Things are slowing down though and I’d love to start meeting people! Insta is @that.girl.bean

    1. Hi Christina! I’m not in Charlotte but am only an hour or so away in Spartanburg, SC. If you’d like to meet up one weekend I’m totally up for making the drive or maybe meeting somewhere in between. My instagram is @bylauraroseb

  • LAS VEGAS ! Hi everyone I just moved here from CA about 4 months ago. I love to go out and do things during the day or bar hopping is always fun! All my friends live out of state so I’m just here with my gf and our new dog lol

  • DENVER!! Hi ladies, I’m Jess! I moved to Denver from the seacoast Maine/NH area back in March with my now fiancé and our cat Levon. Still trying to adjust to non New England life after having lived in Connecticut, Boston, Maine/NH but I’m enjoying the adventure of Colorado and I really appreciate Denver’s love of happy hours. I currently work in finance and I’m into hiking, travel, fashion and trying to get back into running! I love lattes and a good cheese board~ IG: @jesskski

    1. Hey Jess – welcome to Denver! I just moved to Denver from Chicago a couple of months ago. I’m really loving it here and enjoy hiking, workouts/running, reading and always a good happy hour or wine night. Obsessed with coffee, pizza, and all things outdoors. IG: @browneyedjayhawk

      1. Hi Katie! Thanks for the welcome~ I’ll follow you! 🙂

      2. Hi Katie! I also just moved to Denver from Chicago! We should totally connect! @CamilleClaussen

  • Denver! Just moved to Denver from Chicago and would love to get to know some new ladies! I work in digital marketing and love hiking and wine nights 🙂

    1. Hi Camille! Nice to meet you! We posted around the same time so I didn’t see a Denver post earlier! Do you have an Instagram?! 🙂

  • PORTLAND, OR! I moved to the Portland area last year from CA, mostly for a slower pace of life. I work in marketing and love coffee shops, farmers markets, walking/yoga/swimming. In my spare time, I’m really into reading, cooking/trying new recipes, and trying to get more into photography. I’d love to meet up if anyone is in the area! Find me on IG (@laurenliveshealthy) or at

  • WEST PALM BEACH! I’m Claire, and I’ve been in South Florida for a little over two years now. I’m a Midwest transplant from Wisconsin. I love reading, drinking black coffee and attempting to cook (I’m very much a culinary novice). Would love to meet and get to know some new people over a (very) cheesy pizza. 🙂 Instagram is @claire_cole18

  • COLUMBIA, SC! Moving back to my hometown next month after living in NYC for a year, and I’m ready to make some new friends! I’m a Freelancer, so maybe we could do a co-working space thing!

  • CHICAGO! My name is Samantha, I moved to the Chi from NYC in May ‘17. I’m originally from Las Vegas & grew up in my younger years in Los Angeles. Studied advertising in college…Go St. John’s Red Storm Johnnies! Lover of food, site seeing, exploring/adventures, animals.


    Let’s hang!

  • NEW YORK! I’m Sarah and recently moved back to NY after attending grad school in another state. I work at a law firm, and I love running, yoga, travel, and binge-watching Master Chef. I’d love to meet some other new (or veteran) New Yorkers! Instagram: @sarahbyrd

  • CHARLESTON, SC! I never see any Charleston ladies on these but I’ll give it a shot! I’m Emily. Originally from Oklahoma City, moved here with my Southern husband in 2012. I have 2 boys under 2.5 and don’t have time for much but I enjoy girls dinners, books, Bravo (Vanderpump Rules!)

  • MADISON! I’m Katie and I am a St. Louis girl now living in Madison, WI (the land of beer and endless cheese) if anyone from Madison or Milwaukee wants to meet up, let me know! My IG is @kmdeschler if anyone wants to follow or meet for a drink 🙂

  • GREENVILLE/SPARTANBURG! I’m Laura and my husband and I just moved to the area this summer. I’m a freelance writer who loves coffee, hockey games and being outside — love all the hiking spots around here! I met a woman on here from one of the earlier Find a Friend posts and would love to meet more people this way. My instagram is @bylauraroseb