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Our Favorite Baby Names

I’ve been asked to share my favorite names for both girls and boys, and even though Kate was at the top of my list since high school, I wasn’t able to fully commit until after she was born. Everyone (family and friends) knew she’d be Kate. I knew she’d be Kate but just couldn’t do it. There have been a lot of questions about how we chose Margot’s name along with requests for the list of the classic baby names we considered for both girls and boys, too, so I thought I’d put them all in one place.

Our Favorite Classic Baby Names

Classic Girl Names


When I found out I was pregnant with our first daughter, I was sure I’d name her Kate or Charlotte. Those two names had been at the top of my list for forever and Conor liked both of them. We agreed that Margot’s middle name would be Rose after my great aunt, but I didn’t like Rose with Kate, and the whole Charlie Rose thing sort of soured that for us. 

The morning Margot was born, I told Conor I needed a day to get to know her before committing to a name. He said he was fine with any of the names on our list and said I could choose whatever I wanted. Nothing felt right, so I went with his favorite name, Margot. I couldn’t choose a name I wasn’t certain about when he loved Margot. Yes, I put way too much thought into this. 

When we found out we were having another girl, we started with another family name for a middle name after Conor’s grandmothers. Charlotte Elizabeth is beautiful but sounded a little too long and formal. We both liked Kate Elizabeth, so that’s how we named Kate. She is just Kate by the way – not Katherine. 

We both like Amelia/Emilia but couldn’t pull the trigger. Elle is a favorite right now and we almost did Elizabeth with the nickname Elle for Margot, but we were thrown off by how Danielle and Elle sound together. Conor’s cousin also just named her daughter Elizabeth and they call her Elle. So pretty, isn’t it?

Years ago, we had decided on Jack for a boy. It’s such a good name (still love it) but I think I know too many of them now. And we always loved Liam, but now have our sweet nephew Liam, so we wouldn’t use it, but did get a Liam in the family. Conor has a cousin Finn, too (huge family). 

Classic Boy Names

Charlie (but not Charles)

We clearly had a much shorter list for boys. I love Theo and Finn. Conor vetoed both.