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It’s officially fall and Halloween decor (and costumes) are selling out! I keep things simple yet festive. These halloween decorations are tasteful and spooky. And most important, fun for the kids. The last two years, I used paper bats but upgraded to felt this year and they’re look so much nicer. The hats are the cheapest, easiest way to add something fun and spooky. I use these hooks to stick the hats to the ceiling. Bake our favorite halloween treats too. Here are the best Halloween decorations that are both tasteful and spooky.


The Best Halloween Decorations That are Tasteful and Spooky


From hanging watch hats to felt bats covering the wall behind our fireplace, here’s what I used to make our house tastefully spooky, festive, and fun for my kids. Opt for a neutral color palette with touches of black, white, and metallics like gold or silver. Elegant candle holders, stylish pumpkins painted in matte black or white, and minimalist wreaths adorned with understated ribbons or foliage can add a refined touch. Incorporate natural elements such as dried flowers, gourds, and branches to enhance the decor. String lights and lanterns can provide a warm, inviting glow, perfect for creating a chic Halloween ambiance.



The Best Halloween Decor


Grandin Road

Felt Bats

I had some cheap paper bats and decided to upgrade to felt this year, so I'll report back once they arrive. 
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Grandin Road


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Nickel Designs

Boo Doormat

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Hanging Witch Hats

My toddler loved these witch hats last year – they were the easiest, cheapest, and most fun thing I've done to date.
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Pearl and Jane

Pumpkin Garland

I'm putting this up in the girls' playroom
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Spooky No Bake Rice Krispie Treats

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