When it comes to my wardrobe, I’m all about the basics. From jeans and a leather jackets to loafers and button downs, it’s those classic staples that make up my day-to-day wardrobe. Last year’s closet clean-out was so good for me but I’m (somehow) still missing so many essentials. Mostly just tops and dresses–the two things I wear all summer. I need one of these guys for the beach and pool, too.

If I can add on maybe 7-10 more tops (overzealous or reasonable?), a handful of summer dresses, and maybe 2-3 dressy dresses I’ll be set. So I’ll get right on that and will keep you posted on my closet rebuilding progress.


Tie-Front Shirt

Stripes meets the 50s? I'm into it.
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Phase 3

Cut Edge Tote

Under $70!
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M. Gemi

Felize Mules

These just launched yesterday and will probably sell out soon!
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Crossbody Bag

A budget-friendly version of the Gucci Soho Disco bag
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  • I have that Madewell button down top and can confirm that it’s fantastic. I eyed it up for about a year before I finally bought it, but it was really worth it. The material is a thicker cotton, which means it’s structured and not see-through, but the fit is loose so it feels easy breezy and not like you’re wearing a men’s dress shirt. I’ve worn it with jeans and tucked into skirts for work. I’m in the need for tops too and finding it so hard to find anything I like right now. Good luck with the hunt!

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