The Best Holiday Pajamas of 2021

This October holiday content is something, isn’t it? But it seems to be resonating because I keep getting requests for more gift ideas. As always, men and in-laws are the most-requested (I feel that, too). But today, I want to share one of my favorite ways to kick off the holidays: festive PJs. 🎅🏻 How many pairs of Christmas pajamas is too many? I ordered the Petite Plume plaid for the whole family, and gingerbread, stripes, and jolly santas for the girls. And Petite Plume sent the girls some Christmas trees so I think we’re set. 🤓 If it seems early, keep in mind that I had to leave a few prints out that already sold out, so really – now’s the time to order if you haven’t already. 

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