2021 Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers

It’s too early for holiday shopping, or is it? I’ve finished buying gifts for my girls and according to an instagram poll, it seems like most of you are doing your shopping early this year, too. I typically shop in November, but this year, decided to make things easy and placed my orders last week. 😬 Before I dive into the gifts I bought for the girls and some of our most-used, must-have toys, let’s unpack why I did my Christmas shopping in September. 

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To those of you who say to enjoy this season and talk about rushing things, I’m not rushing anything. I didn’t frantically place these orders and shopping (or not shopping) does not change the holiday season for me. I spent a few hours perusing some of my favorite online shops while watching TV, ordered some toys, and I’m done. I’m not sitting here in a cashmere sweater by the fire next to a Christmas tree. Also, long live dresses and sandals.

There are lots of reasons to shop early. 

The holidays are not about gifts, and ordering now vs. in November changes nothing. It just means I’m prepared and won’t have to worry about gifts arriving in time. It’s something that’s now (mostly) done and I can fully focus on holiday cheer with my family. 

Some of the things I looked at ordering are on backorder or will not ship until late October/early November. I’d rather be first in line when these items are ready to ship. 

Placing these orders now helps small businesses owners. I heard from a few who thanked me and said this makes things so much easier and less stressful for them. This is especially true for small shops, and I’m hoping to support some of our favorite small businesses this year. 

Waiting until November makes things harder for the people who deliver our gifts (USPS, FedEx, UPS etc).

Hannukah falls on November 28th this year! 

So here it is: my 2021 holiday gift ideas for toddlers! The gifts I bought the girls and some of our favorite toys for the holiday season.


What I bought:

Tender Leaf Toys

General Store

These first two gifts are the big ones – a big but not too big general store/farmer's market since my girls love play food.
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Tender Leaf Toys

Bread Basket

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Tender Leaf Toys

Vegetable Basket

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Domestic Objects


Another big one, this play house is large but we don't have to leave it up all the time. Margot is always playing in her outdoor play house, so I think this will be fun to have indoors all winter.
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Le Toy Van

Wooden Ice Cream Set

Wooden food toys are Margot's favorite thing. It took forever to find this set since it's always sold out
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Crate and Kids

Felt Picnic Set

Margot loves a pretend picnic and this set (complete with floor pillows) is just darling.
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I See Me!

Personalized Night Before Christmas Book

This just arrived and it's so, so sweet. You can add up to five children's names (parents too!)
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Peppa Pig

Wooden Family Home

I love that this is on the smaller side, and that it's not made of plastic.
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Montessori Beads

I love toys that grow with babies and these are recommended for 10 months - 4 years!
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Temporary Tattoos

My 3 year old is on a big temporary tattoo kick right now, so I got a few of these for her stocking
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Our most-loved toys:


Audio Player Starter Set

This audio player is one of our most-used toys. Bonus: it's the perfect quiet time toy for toddlers who aren't consistent nappers. Keeps them busy without being too stimulating.
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Beach Mouse

We love all things maileg in our house. I ordered a sled, and some furniture for our dollhouse.
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Mini Tea Set (for mice)

This is teeny tiny (3+) and is one of Margot's favorite toys.
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Chunky Wooden Puzzle

We have a handful of these. They're great puzzles for younger toddlers and the pieces double as toys since they stand up!
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Metropolis Magnet Tiles

Not the first time I shared our beloved magnatiles and it won't be the last. These are a must-have for every home.
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Folding Tower and Play Table

We have this one, too, and it's pretty awesome. It can be used as a standing tower or table (seats 2).
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More Toys for Toddlers:

We either didn’t need or have a similar version of the toys below

Wonder and Wise

Indoor Gym

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Toy Car

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Way to Play

Road Toy

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Doudou et Compagnie


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Crate and Kids

Buffalo Check Chair

We have a different version of this chair but these are always fun (Kate loves hers!) and I really like the pattern.
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Wonder and Wise by Asweets

Mini Golf

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  • Thank you so much for this!! I am pregnant and due at the end of the year so my goal is to have all my Christmas shopping done by the end of October at the latest. I hope you will also publish ideas for other family members as well!! I love your roundups.

  • Such a great list!! You will be so pleased with the Little Adventures Cinderella dress up; they hold up so well and are easy to wash! We don’t buy any other brands now.

  • Thank you for sharing. And I love HOW you share. The links are so accessible and your website is so well laid out – I am sure you know this.. but thank you!!

    I think I am going to get my girl that Milton and Goose kitchen .. been eyeing it since I found out I was pregnant.. splurge, for my girl!!!

  • Thank you for sharing – so very helpful to have these special ideas a little early to help everyone out! Thanks for putting the time in.

  • What a great list–I’m only sad that I don’t have any toddlers to buy for anymore. Would love to see a similar list for older kids, more boy oriented items and for tweens. The Maileg stuff is soooo adorable. Anxiously awaiting your other guides; yours over the years have been the ones that were truly helpful for me at holiday time. I always know I’ll love your picks. FWIW, while this feels SUPER early for me, it’s not helpful when other people post these things three weeks before Christmas–especially last year.

  • I love your guides; consider them my own “shopping lists” at this point! I went to purchase the Cinderella carriage, and was surprised to see 55USD for shipping. And now I cannot find a US retailer that sells the same product. Did you have any luck? Or did you order from the UK? Thank you so much! Your taste is impeccable, I value your blog as a resource for keeping my girls happy, and my home looking lovely in the process.

    1. Hi! That is so nice to hear, thank you!

      So I did not find them anywhere else (I tried!) but they had a few really great toys so I ended up paying the annual shipping rate (so all shipping will be free from this point on) and plan to take advantage of it for future gifts. The wooden toys felt so unique /worth it? 😬