Auction for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Sleep Support Package from Peaceful Littles 

On May 16, my 22-month-old was diagnosed with Leukemia. After eight months of aggressive treatment, including drugs that were initially only approved for adult use, she finished frontline treatment, and began maintenance. This is the “easier” part of treatment and includes daily oral chemo, an additional oral chemo once a week, 4 doses of an antibiotic every weekend, and both a spinal tap and 10 doses of steroids every three months. We need better treatment options. 

I am fundraising for Alex’s Lemonade Stand’s incredible research grants for new, innovative, and rigorous approaches that directly address the most intractable issues in pediatric cancer research. These opportunities could change everything for the 15,000 children a year (in the US) who are diagnosed with cancer. Only 4% of the billions of dollars the government spends on cancer research goes toward childhood cancers.Through 2019, the FDA had approved a total of 34 drugs for use in the treatment of childhood cancers but thirty of those drugs were initially approved for adult use only. Over 95% of childhood cancer survivors have long-term health-related issues as a result of the medications they were given during treatment. We need better options for our babies.

You can donate to our fundraiser here. I will personally match up to $5000 for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

This auction is for a 2 week sleep support package from Peaceful Littles, $375 value

Michele is a saint. She’s been the biggest support through our sleep journeys with the girls – specifically Kate after 4 months and Margot from 2-3. We struggled with quiet time and bedtime for Margot, and getting Kate to fall asleep independently, and Michele saved us. Margot’s bedtimes are wonderful now, and Kate goes to sleep without any tears. Her approach was so gentle and accommodating, and she’s since worked with a few of my friends. Everyone loves her. Michele also shares helpful content and answers your sleep questions weekly on instagram so make sure you’re following her

How to bid, donate, and claim your auction item

The starting bid for this item is $250

1. Leave a comment with your bid. Leave a new comment for an additional bid, with a minimum increase of $95. 

2. This auction ends at 8PM CST on Monday, September 6. The highest bidder (announced in the comments section of this post and on instagram) will receive a 2 week sleep support package with Peaceful Littles. 

3. Your donation should be made here by Tuesday, September 7 at 8PM CST, or the item will go to the next highest bidder.

4. Once you make your donation, please email me at Be sure to include your name and address. 


Where the money goes

I’m fundraising for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an incredible organization that funds childhood cancer research and supports families going through treatment. In the past, I have fundraised for our hospital and will continue to do so, but wanted to focus my efforts on helping Alex’s Lemonade Stand’s incredible research grants for new, innovative, and rigorous approaches that directly address the most intractable issues in pediatric cancer research today. 

Thank you to my hero and friend Michele for helping us with our girls, and for offering to help another family and this important cause. 

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