Reduce Waste With The Best Eco-Friendly Products of 2021

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been wary of harsh chemicals, and have opted for cleaner, safer products. Since becoming a mom, I’ve thought a lot more about what I want around my girls, and how I want to care for our planet. Last year, I made the switch to eco-friendly toilet paper and refillable cleaning supplies, saving dozens of plastic bottles each year. I keep reusable wipes on hand since they’re a much better option than paper towels, and have reusable paper towels for messy spills. This year, I’m saying farewell to plastic bags, and even tampons. Here are my favorite eco-friendly product swaps for 2021. 


The Clean Suite

Bottles are refilled with small tablets, so the waste is non-existent. I have the soap bottles in all three of our bathrooms.
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Reusable Paper Towels

I found these through my friend Jess Keys and bought them immediately. Love having them on hand for spills.
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Full Circle

Rag/Dish Cloth

These are great for cleaning kitchen and bathroom counters.
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Force of Nature

Chemical Free Disinfectant

Sparkling, bleach-strength clean with zero harmful chemicals
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Who Gives a Crap

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

This isn't the softest toilet paper I've ever used, but it's eco-friendly and
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Full Circle

Microfiber Floor Mop

Bamboo is renewable and it comes with a reusable cloth, so it's environmentally friendly.
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Grove Collaborative

Walnut Sponge

Made from plant and recycled materials.
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Reusable Bags

I replaced our large freezer bags with a few of these. Excited to take this step toward going even greener.
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Zip Top

Reusable Bags

These are great for leftovers and snacks, and are freezer safe.
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Bee's Wrap

Reusable Food Wrap

A reusable, biodegradable alternative to plastic wrap. You can even use it to cover a bowl.
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Do people still use plastic water bottles? I haven't in years, and love my Yeti.
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Collapsible Coffee Cup

Great for having in your bag for any impromptu coffee orders.
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Baby Food Tray

Baby food jars product a lot of waste. I make most of our baby food since I can steam it, freeze in this try, and then store it in a reusable bag.
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Collapsible Snack Cup

My toddler loves this cup. It's easy to clean and great on the go and for small spaces since it collapses. We have it in pink.
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Food 52

Reusable Straws

I had some stainless straws but heard some really bad things about them, so I made the switch to silicone.
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Makeup Removing Cloth

Save at least 365 cleansing wipes and $ by having one or two of these on hand. It works and it's magic!
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Menstrual Cup

Say goodbye to toxic, wasteful tampons. This thing is amazing.
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Paula's Choice

Reusable Cotton Rounds

These are great for toners and will save at least 1-2 cotton swabs a day.
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Reusable Wipes

I wet this with warm water and wipe Kate's face after she's done eating.
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Reusable Bags

I try to keep one of these on me any time I'm doing anything. Great for diaper bags, totes, shopping etc.
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