Auction for Childhood Cancer: Gray Malin Framed Art

This Auction is for a small framed print from Gray Malin’s “a La Plage” series

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. On May 16, my life was changed forever when my 22 month old was diagnosed with Leukemia. Just 4% of the billions of government dollars spent annually on cancer research goes toward treating childhood cancer and as a mom to a toddler going through treatment, I wanted to do something to help other children and families going through this. All children are worth so much more than 4%. We need better funding, better treatment options, and a cure.

I started a fundraiser with the goal of raising funds for research and to help other families, and am teaming up with some of my favorite brands to auction a few items.


How to bid, donate, and claim your auction item

1. Leave a comment with your bid. Leave a new comment for an additional bid, with a minimum increase of $25. The starting bid for this item is $250. 

2. The highest bid at at 8PM CST on Saturday, September 19 will win the item. I will announce the names of the winning bids in the comments section of this post and on instagram.

3. Email me at to make a donation and claim your prize. The winner will be able to donate directly to Lurie Children’s Hospital. All donations are tax deductible.

4. Your donation should be made here by Monday, September 21 at 8PM, or the item will go to the next highest bidder.


Where the money goes:

We are a part of our oncologist’s study and are donating 3/4 of all funds will go directly to our doctor’s pediatric cancer research. This is not something we will benefit from personally, but the goal is to do what we can to improve things for children who are diagnosed in the future. The other 1/4 will go directly to families who need financial support.

I love Gray’s work and actually just ordered a piece from one of our favorite places we visited on our honeymoon! It’s going to have the perfect home in my new office right above my desk. Thank you for your generosity, Gray!

You can see the rest of the items I’m auctioning here


The highest bidder will be able to choose the small size print of their choice from the “A la Plage” series and cannot upgrade sizes or choose from another series and this piece can be shipped within the U.S. and Canada.

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