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Birthday Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds (and What We Bought for Margot)

Margot turns TWO in early July! Since her baby sister is due the week of her birthday, I’m trying to get ahead on her gift since it’s a little bit of a project. We had talked about a swing set since it looks like we won’t be spending time at the park this summer, but they’re just so big and so expensive. One day, parks will be a thing again, so it didn’t feel like something we had to invest in.

We opted for a budget-friendly playhouse and will give it a little (or if you’re us, big because DIY is not our thing and this feels like a project) makeover. I’ll share the playhouse makeover as soon as it’s done! I looked up a lot of playhouse makeovers and the ones I love most are sold out, so there wasn’t much to choose from. I opted for the one I linked above. This one seems great but is a bit smaller.

I also bought a scooter, sidewalk chalk, Nemo pajamas so we’ll have something fun to give her from baby sister, and a few extra activities for warm summer days. And I’ve included some things we love and a few things we don’t have, too. They’re all items I think would make great gifts. In case you missed it, I shared all her favorite toys (and how we store them) here.

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