Our Favorite Baby Names

I named my future children when I was in high school. Or at least I thought I did. My daughter would be Kate or Charlotte and my son would be Jack or Will. Then I found out I was expecting an actual baby and nothing felt right. I wasn’t stressed and didn’t feel a need to name our baby before meeting her, but there wasn’t that one name that felt like the one.

There have been a lot of questions about how we chose Margot’s name along with requests for the list of names we considered for both girls and boys, too, so I thought I’d put them all in one place.

Margot’s middle name (Rose, after my great aunt) was decided on when we found out we were having a girl. So we knew her name would be ______ Rose Scanlon. Had we not chosen Rose, her middle name would have been Elizabeth after both of my husband’s grandmothers.

Here are the names we talked about.



We shared our favorite names with friends and family and almost everyone had a very, very strong (positive) reaction to Margot early on. I would personally love being Margot and really love the fact  that it’s not popular (#361!) but it never felt like the one to me. Even when we decided on her name ~30 hours after she was born.

I really love Elle and pushed hard for it, but when it was brought to my attention we’d be Danielle and Elle, I took it off the list.

I never liked how Kate Rose sounded (not nearly as pretty as Kate Elizabeth) but I had to name her after Rose. And I just couldn’t get past the fact that Conor was fine with but didn’t love the name Kate. We also have so many Kate/Katie friends/cousins, so I took it off the list.

Charlotte and Emma were a close second and third to Margot but I was hoping to stay off the top 10 list if possible. Still, they’re classic and we love both.

I have friends named Amelia and Emilia, and the name didn’t feel right to Conor.

The morning Margot was born, I didn’t feel any pressure at all and told Conor I needed a day to decide on a name. He said he was fine with any of the names on our list and said I could choose whatever I wanted but nothing felt right. I wasn’t stressed at all and honestly didn’t think much about it because I knew we’d figure something out. We had to, right? The lady who fills out the social security paperwork was leaving at 3PM the next day, so we needed to decide. We both thought Margot was a great name and even thought I never felt like it was her name, it felt like a good one.


Theo (I love it, Conor doesn’t)
Charlie (Conor’s favorite)

We clearly had a much shorter list. Jack is actually #1 for both of us and even though it’s wildly popular, we probably would have named our son Jack. My friend just named her son Liam and Conor doesn’t like Theo, so those are both out for any potential future children.


Do you have names chosen for your future children?  If you’re already a parent, when / how did you name your children and what did you decide on? What are some of your favorite baby names?